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Wellcome Trust PhD Programme for Clinicians

Wellcome PHD

UCL hosts a Wellcome Trust funded PhD Programme for Clinicians though we are not recruiting any fellows for the forseeable future. This is a flagship scheme aimed at supporting the most promising medically qualified clinicians who wish to undertake rigorous research training, leading to the award of a PhD. Wellcome believes in the power of ideas to improve health and supports thousands of scientists and researchers. This scheme offers clinicians the opportunity to undertake a PhD within a structured and supportive training environment. Our programme exploits the outstanding science community at UCL and the Francis Crick Institute to provide a unique training programme for clinicians. We encourage clinical fellows to consider a broad range of Principal Investigator’s as potential supervisors, and seek to mentor them through their PhD and beyond

    What Funding is Provided?

    Each successful Fellow will be awarded a grant from the Wellcome Trust that will cover a salary commensurate with the candidates’ clinical salary scale. It will also cover PhD tuition fees, and research costs up to £60,000, including travel expenses and other training costs subject to justification of these costs.

    If you do not qualify for home/EU fees at UCL then you will be required to pay fees at the overseas rate and the difference between home/EU and overseas fees will not be covered by the grant. If this is the case, you will need to find these funds yourself. If you think this may apply to you, then please read the UCL guidance on fees  or contact the Jo Rickett j.rickett@ucl.ac.uk if additional guidance is required. 

    Programme Structure

    Wellcome Phd
    After appointment the successful fellow will be expected to complete a formal project proposal for review and ratification by the programme selection committee during their first term in post. Fellows’ start date can range from 1st September to 1st December 2021 and will be subject to discussions between the fellow and the supervisory team. Progress through the first-year report and submission of a final PhD thesis will follow the existing University regulations. In addition, all fellows will be appointed a named mentor independent of their project.

    During their PhD, fellows will be required to engage in a range of additional training activities that take advantage of unique aspects of the UCL environment. These will include training in:

    • Enterprise/entrepreneurship (through the UCL Institute for Biomedical Engineering and UCL Advances)
    • Public engagement;
    • Experimental medicine (through our Clinical Research Facilities)
    • ADAPT  - a portfolio of resilience building schemes
    • Clinician Coders  - data science training for clinicians
    • Eureka @ UCL – a training events series in translational research

    As active members of the scholarly community, fellows will also be expected to contribute to broader College-wide activities such as the UCL Grand Challenges and Global Citizenship agendas.

    Our Fellows

    2021 Appointed Fellows

    • Harry Costello- Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience 
    • Puja Mehta- Institute of Neurology 
    • Clare Thakker- Division of Infection and Immunity
    • Olivia Lucas- Cancer Institute
    • Sanjay Budhdeo- Dept of Clinical and Movement Neurosciences

    2020  Appointed Fellows

    • Thomas Callender- Respiratory Medicine
    • Maria Krutikov- Institute of Health Informatics
    • Priya Rajyaguru- Division of Psychiatry 


    2019 Appointed Fellows

    • Alasdair Warwick- Institute of Cardiovascular Science (Population Health)
    • William Scotton- Dementia Research Centre
    • Danielle Solomon- Institute for Global Health 
    • George Collins- Infection and Immunity
    • Jonathan Rogers- Division of Psychiatry

    2018 Appointed Fellows

    • Thomas Fox- Infection and Immunity
    • Robert Lever- Infection and Immunity
    • Sinead McGlacken-Byrne- Institute of Child Health
    • Matthew Nour - Max Planck UCL Centre for Computational Psychiatry and Aging Research
    • Nekisa Zakeri- Infection and Immunity

    2017 Appointed Fellows

    • Angharad Davis - Division of Biosciences
    • Ehsan Ghorani- Cancer Institute 
    • Neha Pathak- Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care
    • Adam Pennycuick- Centre for Respiratory Biology
    • Ramya Srinivasan- Division of Psychiatry

    2016 Appointed Fellows

    • Deepak Chandrasekharan- Lungs for Living 
    • Dami Collier- Division of Infection and Immunity
    • Douglas Fink - Division of Infection and Immunity
    • Constantinos Parisinos- Institute of Health Informatics 
    • Emily Shaw-Wise- Division of Infection and Immunity

    2015 Appointed Fellows

    • Anna Aryee- Institute of Health Informatics
    • Anob Chakrabati- UCL Genetics Institute (UGI) 
    • Kate El Bouzadi- Division of Infection and Immunity
    • Neil Halliday- Division of Infection and Immunity
    • Valerie Kuan- Cell and Developmental Biology

    2014  'Next Step' Appointed Fellows

    • Cordelia Coltart- Department of Infection and Population Health 
    • Maryam Khosravi - Divison of Biosciences
    • Neelam Kumar- Divison of Medicine 
    • Richard Rosch- Institute of Neurology 
    • Taavi Tillman- Institute of Epidemiology and Health care 
    Programme Director

    Mahdad Noursadeghi is Professor of Infectious Diseases and a Wellcome Trust Investigator, studying the immunology of human infectious diseases with a focus on tuberculosis. He has hosted clinical fellows in his group continuously since 2008 and provided academic mentorship for clinician scientists through the UCL Academic Careers Office since 2013, with the aim of encouraging and enabling inquisitive clinicians to break new ground in our understanding of health and disease through innovative and rigorous science.     

    Contacts: If you have any questions about the programme, please contact Jo Rickett j.rickett@ucl.ac.uk  in the Academic Careers Office in the School of Life and Medical Sciences

    Academic Careers Office:

    School of Life & Medical Sciences
    University College London
    1st Floor Maple House
    149 Tottenham Court Road
    London W1T 7NF

    Supervisor Profiles

    The UCL WT clinical PhD Program attracts high calibre candidates. We are aiming to ensure our fellows have access to the widest possible pool of high-quality investigators who want to engage with the program as supervisors, and have the appropriate experience and resources. To achieve this, we offer a regularly updated list of approved supervisors across the many different Departments and Institutes at UCL, plus the Francis Crick Institute in which UCL is a founding partner.

    Population Health

    Medical Sciences

    • Professor Mahdad Noursadeghi 
    • Professor David Lomas 
    • Professor Hans Stauss 
    • Professor Mala Maini
    • Professor Michael Hausser
    • Professor Alun Hughes
    • Professor Charles Swanton 
    • Professor David Abraham 
    • Professor Lucy Walker 
    • Professor David Sansom 
    • Professor Greg Towers 
    • Professor Derek Gilroy 
    • Professor Sam Janes
    • Professor John Wood 
    • Professor Amit Nathwani 
    • Professor Rachel Chambers 
    • Dr Claire Roddie 
    • Professor Jasmin Fisher 
    • Dr Matthew Reeves 
    • Professor Joe Standing 
    • Professor Bart Vanhaesebroeck
    • Professor Elizabeth Jury 
    • Professor Robert Heyderman
    • Professor Andrew Smith 
    • Professor Stuart Taylor
    • Professor Charles Swanton 
    • Dr Mariam Jamal-Hanjani
    • Dr Richard Hebber 
    • Dr Liam Browne 
    • Professor Jeremy Brown
    • Dr Clare Jolly 
    • Dr Martin Pule
    • Professor Stephen Pereira
    • Professor Alastair Sutcliffe
    • Professor Michael Ehrenstein

    Brain Sciences 

    • Professor Nicholas Wood 
    • Professor John Hardy 
    • Professor Dimitri Kullmann
    • Professor Jonathan Roiser 
    • Professor Raymond Dolan 
    • Professor Sophie Scott 
    • Professor Jason Warren
    • Professor Sarah Tabrizi
    • Professor Kenneth Harris 
    • Professor Mike Cheetham 
    • Professor Christiana Ruhrberg
    • Professor Elizabeth Fisher
    • Professor Glyn Lewis 
    • Professor Michel Michaelides
    • Dr Nik Sharma  
    • Dr Frances Wiseman 
    • Professor David Osborn 
    • Dr Stephen Fleming 
    • Professor Pietro Fratta 
    • Professor Anthony David
    • Professor Adrian Isaacs
    • Professor Giampietro Schiavo
    • Professor Rob Brownstone

    Life Sciences 

    Francis Crick Institute