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Graduate Conference Fund

The School of Life and Medical Sciences (SLMS) is committed to strengthening and developing support for graduate studies at UCL.

ADAPT to Lead

Deadlines for 2021/2022

  1. 31st October 2022

IMPORTANT: Please read these regulations carefully before completing the application form.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure that applications are submitted by the relevant deadlines.

1. Purpose of the Fund

Application to the SLMS Student Conference Fund is open to all graduate research students registered within SLMS. Its focus is on those students who do not have access to alternate funding streams (eg associated research grants, studentships). The Student Conference Fund will normally match funding from Departments or other sources (eg Charity Funding):

  • To present their research at national and international conferences and;
  • To facilitate personal and career development through the learning and networking opportunities provided by conferences.

The expectation is that graduate students should normally attend a minimum of one national and one international conference as part of their training whilst at UCL. Given the limited funding available students will not be offered more than two awards during their programme of study.  This will normally consist of either two smaller awards (up to £500 each) or one smaller and one larger award (one up to £500 and one over £500).

2. Eligibility

In order to apply to this Fund you must be:

  • A graduate student registered for an MPhil/PhD or other research degree within SLMS at UCL. Graduate students not registered for research degrees are not eligible to apply to this Fund. Students with Completing Research Student status are eligible to apply to this Fund provided that they have not already received two awards;
  • Presenting a paper or poster, or taking some formal part in the proceedings.
3. General Regulations
  1. No more than two Student Conference Fund awards will be made to each applicant during their programme of study;
  2. Students on a 3-year programme applying to the Fund in their third year must submit confirmation from their Supervisor that they will complete in four years. Students on a 4-year programme applying to the Fund in their fourth year must submit confirmation from their Supervisor that they will complete in five years;
  3. Matching funds from your department or other sources (not including personal funds) are required;
  4. Please note that funding is not guaranteed. Each application is considered on its merits; and there may be occasions when it is not possible to make an award.

NB As of February 2017 the requirement that applications be received at least one month  before the conference start date has been removed.  However, retrospective applications, ie those received after the conference, will not be considered.

4. Awards
  1. Applications are considered three times each year. 
  2. Applications received after that time will not be considered. NB As of February 2017 the requirement that applications be received at least one month  before the conference start date has been removed.  However, retrospective applications will NOT be considered.;
  3. All applications must be submitted electronically as attachments. Hard copies will not be accepted;
  4. You will normally receive email confirmation of the outcome of your application within four weeks of the appropriate deadline.
5. How to Apply

Applications must be typed.  Please do not use CAPS.

Estimating Costs & Contributions:

  • Please give a full breakdown of all relevant estimated expenses, justifying your costs and providing quotations as appropriate.  Please ensure your estimates are based on the most cost effective accommodation and fares;
  • See here for details of UCL's preferred travel provider and information on UCL's travel insurance policies;
  • Advantage should be taken of 'Early Bird' less expensive registration rates, wherever possible;
  • Conference dinners and similar expenses will not be funded;
  • If foreign currency is used, please state the exchange rate and convert the costs to pounds sterling;
  • Please liaise with your department to agree the amount of their contribution, which should be indicated in your application;
  • Please be as accurate as possible in estimating your projected expenses.  Awards are given based on the estimated costs; however if the actual costs incurred are lower than those estimated, the award will be reduced accordingly.

Submitting the Application:

  • Applicants should attach pdf/word versions of abstracts, documentation outlining acceptance of paper/poster for presentation and any other supporting documentation, and forward it to their Supervisor for endorsement;
  • Please ensure the application is then passed to your Head of Department who should write a supporting statement, and confirm any departmental contribution;
  • In the case of students working at external institutions applications will need to be approved by the Head of the UCL department in which they are registered;
  • The application should be emailed to Rachel McKenzie via r.mckenzie@ucl.ac.uk by the appropriate deadline;
  • Please be aware that incomplete applications will be returned.
NB It is the students' responsiblity to ensure that applications are recieved before the relevant deadline and before the conference / training event.
6. Conditions of the Award

If you receive an award from the Student Conference Fund and subsequently receive other funding towards your expenses, please inform us immediately.

Students who receive funds to attend a conference to present a poster are expected to submit a poster in the following term/year's Institutional Poster Competition, which is usually held in the spring.

8. Claiming an Award

If you are awarded funds, you will receive a confirmation letter with a note to your Departmental Administrator on the second page. Please remember to keep all receipts from your trip, as these will have to be checked prior to any award. On your return, please claim your award as follows:

  • Complete the expenses form with actual costs incurred. The items for which you claim should generally be the same as those listed on your original application. Please do not claim for items you have not listed on your application form unless special circumstances have arisen;
  • Receipts for ALL expenses should be attached, not just those covering the amount of the award. You should provide receipts for each item you have listed. Please staple together the receipts in the order you have listed them;
  • Submit a claim for the total amount of your expenses to your Department in the usual way, attaching the award letter instructing the Departmental Administrator to contact Anna Hindley to arrange transfer of your award to the Department;
  • Please also refer to any Departmental Guidelines and the UCL Expenses policy at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/finance/expenses in particular the guidelines regarding overnight costs and expenses at https://www.ucl.ac.uk/finance/policies-procedures/accordion-expenses/5-overngt-costs;
  • If your actual costs are lower than your estimated costs, your award will be reduced accordingly.
8. Application Form

To apply for the Student Conference Fund, please click on the link below:

Please also see the FAQs and if you have any further queries, please contact Rachel McKenzie via r.mckenzie@ucl.ac.uk