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Frequently Asked Questions

Please also refer to the regulations for the Student Conference Fund and the External Training Courses Fund.

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What is meant by 'matching funding'?

SLMS Graduate Funding awards may (depending on total applications and available funding) match Departmental or other funding (not including personal funds).  For example, if you have secured Departmental or other funding of £250, the SLMS Graduate Funding award would be £250 if successful. 

NB Matching funding can be comprised of Departmental funding, other funding, or a combination of the two (not including personal funds).

Who is eligible to apply for Graduate Conference / External Training Courses funding

Any graduate student registered for an MPhil/PhD or other research degree within SLMS who will be presenting a paper or poster, or taking some formal part in the conference proceedings.  Graduate students not registered for research degrees are not eligible to apply to this Fund

I have Completing Research Student (CRS) status - am I eligible to apply to the Graduate Conference / External Training Course Fund?

Yes, students with Completing Research Student status are eligible to apply to this Fund. Please ensure that your Supervisor checks the relevant box on the form to confirm that you will complete by the end of the Completing Research Student period.

How many times can I apply for Graduate Conference / External Training Course Funding

Graduate Students are eligible for up to two awards during their programme of study (including CRS status). NB If you make an application that is unsuccessful, that will not count as one of the two awards.

When should I apply to the Graduate Conference / External Training Course Fund?

As soon as possible!  Remember that applications will not be considered retrospectively; you must apply before the conference or training course start date.

Deadlines for the submission of applications to the Student Conference Fund and to the External Training Courses Fund in 2018/2019 are 21st January 2019 and 28th May 2019.

Can I apply for funding for a conference or training which starts before the next deadline?

If necessary you may apply for training or a conference which will be held before the next deadline, however, no decision will be made until after the deadline and you will not know whether or not you have received funding until then. 

Where should I send my completed application form?

Please send by email to Jo Rickett j.rickett@ucl.ac.uk  in the SLMS ACO. NB As of October 2014 hard copy applications will no longer be accepted, all applications must be made by email and hard copies will be returned..

How will I know whether my application has been received by the ACO?

All applications will be acknowledged.  If you have not received an acknowledgement within three weeks, please contact Jo Rickett j.rickett@ucl.ac.uk  again to check

How long after the deadline can I expect to find out whether I've received funding?

Applicants will be normally be informed within 4 weeks of the relevant deadline whether or not they have received funding.

Conference Funding: I won't know whether or not my poster/presentation has been accepted until after the next deadline, what should I do?

Please apply to the next deadline and send supplementary information (eg confirmation that your poster/presentation has been accepted) as soon as you can.

External Training Courses Fund: What kind of courses can I get funding for?

The External Training Courses Fund aims to provide research students with additional opportunities to undertake training, essential to their research, which is not available within UCL this includes training in languages not offered within UCL's Doctoral School Skills Development Programme.

External Training Courses Fund: I'd like to learn a language not available at UCL, can I get funding for that?

SLMS will only consider funding students for external training and language training courses which are ESSENTIAL to carrying out their research. Please see the list of language courses available on the Doctoral School's Training Database.