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External Training Courses Fund

The External Training Courses Fund aims to provide research students with additional opportunities to undertake training, essential to their research, not available within UCL.

IMPORTANT: Please read these regulations carefully before completing the application. 

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Purpose of the Fund

SLMS is committed to strengthen and develop support for graduate studies at UCL.


Those eligible to apply for funding for External Training are:

Graduate students registered for MPhil/PhD, EngD, or other research degrees at UCL Graduate students not registered for research degrees are not eligible to apply to this Fund.

General Regulations

The following requests have been identified as being appropriate, but other relevant proposals will be considered:

Research training unavailable at UCL. Training in languages not offered within the Graduate School Skills Development Programme.

NB: As of February 2017 the requirement that applications be recieved at least one month before the training course start date has been removed. However, retrospective applications will NOT be considered.

  • Matching funds from your department or other sources (not including personal funds) are required.
  • Please note that funding is not guaranteed. Each application is considered on its merits; however the fund is limited and there may be occasions when it is not possible to make an award.

Please take the following points into account before applying:

SLMS will only consider funding students for external training and language training courses which are ESSENTIAL to carrying out their research.
How to Apply


Please use this section to explain how the proposed training will benefit your thesis or research. 

Estimating Costs & Contributions

Please give a full breakdown of all relevant estimated expenses, justifying your costs and providing quotations as appropriate. 

Please liaise with your department to arrange the amount of their contribution. 

Claiming An Award

If you are awarded funds, you will receive a confirmation letter with a note to your Departmental Administrator on the second page. Please remember to keep all receipts from your trip, as these will have to be checked prior to any award. On your return, please claim your award as follows:

Complete the expenses form with actual costs incurred. The items for which you claim should generally be the same as those listed on your original application.  Please do not claim for items you have not listed on your application form unless special circumstances have arisen; Receipts for ALL expenses should be attached, not just those covering the amount of the award. You should provide receipts for each item you have listed. Please staple together the receipts in the order you have listed them; Submit a claim for the total amount of your expenses to your Department in the usual way, attaching the award letter instructing the Departmental Administrator to contact Jo Rickett to arrange transfer of your award to the Department; If your actual costs are lower than your estimated costs, your award will be reduced accordingly.

Application Form

To apply for the External Training Course Fund, please click on the link below:

External Training Courses Fund Application form

Submitting the Application

Applicants should provide supporting documentation for applications;

Graduate students should pass the form to their Supervisor for endorsement, and then to their Head of Department;

The Head of Department should write a supporting statement, confirm the departmental contribution and arrange for the application form to be submitted electronically to Jo Rickett, Grants Manager, SLMS ACO;

In the case of students working at external institutions applications will need to be countersigned by the head of the UCL department in which they are registered. 

Please be aware that incomplete applications will be returned.

Please be as accurate as possible in estimating your projecte expenses. 


Please also see the FAQs and if you have any further queries, please contact Jo Rickett j.rickett@ucl.ac.uk  Grants Manager, SLMS ACO