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ACCELERATE Innovation is a portfolio of events to support innovative thinking and creativity for healthcare innovation.


Check out ACCELERATE Innovation events and workshops below; 

Entrepreneurship Skills for Researchers

This one-day online workshop will focus on the fundamentals of developing an entrepreneaurial mindset. It will help you heighten the impact of your research and think about the value that you are creating with/for existing and potential collaborators. Even if you don't have entrepreneurial ambitions, this workshop will help you frame the skills that you are developing so that you can apply them to widen the impact of your research and identify the support available at UCL.

It will help you:

  • Start to recognise and use your enterprise skills;
  • develop your own entrepeneurial thinking; and
  • generate and develop enterprising ideas using tools such as the business model canvas.

By the end of the workshop, you'll be better able to: 

  • develop ideas that create value and make a difference to others;
  • identify the relationships needed with relevent stakeholders to move an idea forward more smoothly; and
  • set goals to progress your enterprising activity. 

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Mentoring for Medical Innovation

Would you like to have support with navigating the challenges of medical innovation and translational research?  

Would you like to be mentored by a senior innovation leader in the field?  

Our new mentorship programme will provide a unique opportunity to be supported by one-on-one mentoring with leading medical innovators from CASMI - The Collaboration for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation. Expert training and resources will be provided throughout the scheme to get the most out of the experience for both mentees and mentors.  

The scheme is a collaboration between ACCELERATE Translational Research Training Programme and CASMI. 

When: November 2020 – June 2021 

For more information, check out the web page; https://www.ucl.ac.uk/school-life-medical-sciences/about-slms/office-vice-provost-health/academic-careers-office/career-schemes/accelerate/accelerate-4

Team Challenge

This eight-week hands on training programme will see you apply knowledge and skills to develop a proposal to solve a real-life translational research challenge of your choosing in an interdisciplinary team. For example, this can be a commerical idea for a healthcare need (e.g, a new product or service) or a way of improving an existing service in an non-commerical setting (e.g, making a hospital process work more efficiently, healthcare data sharing etc.)- anything that proposes to improve healthcare. The teams, which will form  in the first few weeks of the programme, will be encouraged to come up with proposal ideas that are best solved by the unique combination of skills and experience of their team challenges 

At the end of the programme there will be a chance to bid for up to £10,000 or non-financial support to take your team's proposal forward. 

Target Audience: This eight-week team challenge is aimed at all healthcare researchers across UCL and the three UCL BRCs, from any discipline and background, from first year post-doctoral fellows upwards. This includes those starting to develop their own research group. Applicants will apply as individuals and then teams will form in the first few weeks of the programme. 

When and where: The programme will run online on a Tuesday afternoon, 12:30pm-3pm from 25th May for eight consecutive weeks. In applying to be considered for this exciting new programme we would expect you to be able to make all of the sessions. There will be minimal pre-session work to complete in your own time to maximise the group engagement during the sessions. 

Apply: Applications are currently closed..

More infomation, and the sign up form, are on our webpage; https://www.ucl.ac.uk/school-life-medical-sciences/about-slms/office-vice-provost-health/academic-careers-office/career-schemes/accelerate/accelerate-6 

To complement the ACCELERATE programme, we have pulled together a list of resources offered by experts at UCL and beyond that focuses on fostering innovative thinking. Check out the links below.

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