UCL Scholarships and funding


US Loans Consumer Information

Reading lists

Your academic department will issue you with lists of recommended reading for each module, there are no required book purchases.

Federal loan and Tuition Fee refund policies

If you interrupt your studies or withdraw these policies describe the process by which any refunds are calculated and paid: Tuition Fee Refunds.

Effect on federal funding of drug-related convictions

If you are convicted of a drug-related offence whilst receiving federal student aid you could lose your eligibility for that funding. Further details can be found on the Dept of Education website.

Copyright policy

Unauthorised distribution of copyrighted material may be subject to civil and criminal liabilities. This includes copyright infringement using on-line peer to peer file sharing.

You can find details of UCL's policy on copyright protection and the possible consequences of infringement here.

You can find details of UCL's Computing Regulations (Acceptable Use Policy) and the possible consequences of infringement here.

Right to review educational records

Each student at UCL will be able to see their educational record on Portico and can approach their department for full details.

Student retention rates and destination data

All student retention and graduate placement data for all UK Universities can be found at the Higher Education Statistics Agency web page: Performance Indicators in Higher Education in the UK

For student retention rates see: Tables T3a and T5 (for the methodology click here)

For leaver's employment destinations see: Table E1 (for the methodology click here)

For more information please see our full list of UCL's Consumer Disclosures: