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MSc Speech and Language Sciences

MSc Speech and Language Sciences is a two year master’s programme.

Student Finance Loans and Grants

After a change in the 18/19 academic year, this course is no longer primarily funded by the NHS. Instead, students who study this programme are eligible to apply for undergraduate funding (i.e. tuition fee loan and maintenance loan) from Student Finance for both years of their course.

**Please note: when applying for Student Finance funding you may be asked whether you are in receipt of 'NHS Bursaries', to which you should answer 'No'. NHS Bursaries are the funding used by Medical and Dental students and are distinct from the NHS Learning Support Fund and the NHS Training Grant that MSc Speech and Language Sciences students can access.

NHS Learning Support Fund

Although the main funding comes from Student Finance, students studying on this programme can also receive extra funding support from the NHS’s Learning Support Fund.

The Learning Support Fund is an umbrella term that describes four separate types of funding that MSc Speech and Language Sciences students can apply for:

  • a Training Grant for all eligible students of £5,000 per academic year
  • Parental Support of £2,000 for students with at least one dependent child under 15 years, or under 17 years if registered with special educational needs (this used to be called Child Dependants Allowance)
  • reimbursement of excess costs incurred on practice placement for travel and temporary accommodation costs (Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses)
  • students experiencing financial hardship (Exceptional Support Fund)

*Note – to apply for the Exceptional Support Fund you will first have had to exhaust all other sources of financial support, including UCL’s Financial Assistance Fund.

MSc Speech and Language students who have children are eligible to receive Parental Support funding from the NHS Learning Support Fund as well as the Childcare Grant and Parents' Learning Allowance from Student Finance.

In order to apply for any element of the Learning Support Fund you will first have to register for a Learning Support Fund account – you can do this via the NHSBSA website.

If you have questions regarding funding for the MSc Speech and Language Sciences programme, please feel free to contact the Student Funding Advisor via askUCL.