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Ardalan Family Scholarship

The Ardalan Family Scholarship was founded in 2010 by a private donor to assist Iranian nationals to undertake Master's study at UCL.

Key information

Value: £20,000 (for one year)
Available to: Prospective students
Selection criteria: Financial need
Eligible fee status: Overseas
Eligible programmes: All postgraduate taught
Additional eligibility criteria: Resident of Iran
Deadline: 5pm BST, Thursday 12 May 2022


Candidates can be from any country, but must fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • have successfully completed undergraduate-level studies in Iran and be a resident of Iran;
  • AND have submitted an admission application for a full-time Master's degree at UCL in 2022/23.

Value, benefits, and duration

  • There is 1 (one) scholarship available in 2022/23.
  • The value of the scholarship is £20,000.
  • The scholarship is tenable for one year only.
  • The Ardalan Family Scholarship may be held alongside other scholarships, studentships, awards, or bursaries. The amount of the UCL award may be adjusted depending on the total value of other funds received by the student.
  • Scholarship recipients are obliged to inform the UCL Student Funding Office immediately of any other funding they are awarded towards their UCL Master’s degree studies, before or subsequent to the Ardalan Family Scholarship award.
  • Unless otherwise requested by the scholar, the scholarship will first be applied to the recipient’s tuition fees, with any remainder payable to the recipient in three equal instalments throughout the academic year towards maintenance.


The scholarship is awarded on the basis of financial need and upon the recommendation of the Student Funding Office.

How to apply

You need to have submitted an admission application to UCL in order to apply for the scholarship.


While you do not need to have received an offer of admission to be eligible for this scholarship, you will need to have had your fee status confirmed by UCL Admissions. For some students this happens shortly after you apply to the university, but for many this will not happen until just before an offer of admission is made. If you are unable to access the scholarship application form, you may need to wait until UCL has decided whether to make you an admission offer. 

Instructions for accessing the online scholarship application form:

  1. Login to Portico with your normal details.
  2. Click on the ‘View’ button for the ‘Active Application’ that you wish to apply for funding for.
  3. In the application screen, click on the ‘Funding’ in the menu at the top of the page.
  4. You are now on the funding page. To find out which funds you are eligible to apply for click 'Check and apply' under ‘Funds Available’.
  5. Click on the scholarship name of the scheme that you wish to apply for.

NB. For each programme that you wish to apply for funding for, you will need to submit a separate scholarship application form.

For help completing the form please read our Master's Scholarship Application Guidance.

The deadline for applications to this scholarship will be at 5pm BST, Thursday 12 May 2022.


Successful candidates for 2022/23 will be notified in mid-late June 2022.