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Mandatory safety training courses

All of our staff at UCL are required to complete a number of mandatory safety training modules.

Mandatory fire and safety induction

UCL is committed to ensuring a welcoming, safe and healthy working environment for all staff, students and visitors. Our mandatory training pathway and courses are designed to both support UCL’s compliance with institutional legal responsibilities, and to equip UCL staff with the knowledge to keep themselves, each other and the community safe.

Your fire and safety induction will provide you with information on the key risks, safety requirements and responsibilities specific to UCL and your individual work environment.

> Steps to completing the fire and safety induction

Guidance for managers

Taking the time to provide a health and safety induction is essential to protect new members of staff from harm. Our guidance provides managers with a toolkit to communicate key health and safety messages to new members of staff.

> Safety induction - guidance for managers

Role-specific mandatory training

Some roles require specific training in order that people can fulfill the requirements of their role, for example if you are laboratory-based, undertaking genetic modification work or working with biological agents etc. Your department and line manager will be able to provide clarity around what role-specific mandatory training is relevant to your role.

> Principles and Practice in Biosafety for all staff and post-graduate students undertaking genetic modification work or work with biological agents for the first time.
Principles of Laboratory Safety for all new UCL laboratory-based post-graduate students; new laboratory staff determined by the department.
Safe Handling of Unsealed Radioactive Sources for anyone intending to use unsealed sources.

Mandatory safety training


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