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riskNET: Responsible Persons Register

Guidance for people using the Responsible Persons Registers as well guidance for Register Co-ordinators who manage a register and Heads of Department who confirm a register.

The Responsible Persons' Register ("RPR") is a central system for recording who has been given specific safety responsibilities (e.g. Fire Evacuation Marshals, First Aiders etc) within a department. Departments are required to keep the RPR up to date as part of their management arrangements and the Head of Department is required to 'confirm' the RPR annually. The Register Co-ordinator is the person who is responsible for editing and updating the register.

Responsibilities and system permissions 

Please note that assigning Departmental Safety Officers, Incident Co-ordinators, Register Co-ordinators, DSE Assessment Co-ordinators and Heads of Department in the register doesn’t grant system permissions and email alerts – these are set in a separate area of riskNET.  Contact risknet.help@ucl.ac.uk to have these added or removed. 

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Before you start

  1. Do not use the back/forward buttons on your internet browser – use the breadcrumbs that appear on the top left-hand side of the screen to navigate through the system.
  2. Use Google Chrome as your browser and close down the browser when you have finished entering data (this logs you out of the system). 
  3. Do not have multiple browser sessions open at the same time. You can only have one session at a time

How to search for a Responsible Persons Register

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How to edit a Responsible Persons Register

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How to set up a new Responsible Persons Register

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How to add a new Register Co-ordinator

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How to validate a Responsible Persons Register

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Any problems?

Email riskNET.help@ucl.ac.uk for assistance.

Last updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022