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Chemical Safety Sub-Committee: membership

The membership of the Chemical Safety Sub-Committee

On this page you will find the details of:

Ex officio members

  • Dean of the Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences – Prof Ivan Parkin (Chair).
  • Head of Biological and Chemical Safety (Safety Services) – Ms Rachel Fairfax.
  • Waste Manager (Facilities and Workplace Services) – Mr Paul Monk.

Appointed members

Two members from the Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences

  • Department of Chemistry – Dr Rob Wilson.
  • London Centre for Nanotechnology – Dr Ralph Hick.

Two members from the Faculty of Engineering

  • Dept of Chemical Engineering – Dr Mark Buckwell (Deputy: Dr Eileen Cheng).
  • Dept of Biochemical Engineering – Dr Brian O’Sullivan.

One member from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities

  • The Slade School of Fine Art – Mr James Keith.

One member from the Faculty of Medicine

  • Department of Imaging – Prof Erik Arstad.

One member from the Faculty of Brian Sciences

  • UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology – Ms Steffy Czieso.

One member from the Faculty of Population Health Sciences

  • UCL GOS Institute of Child Health – Dr Carla Curado Milagre.

One member from the Faculty of Life Sciences

  • Division of Biosciences – Dr David Benton.

One member from the Faculty of the Built Environment

  • Bartlett School Env, Energy & Resources – Dr Josep Grau-Bove.

One member from UCL Institute of Education

  • UCL Institute of Education – Dr Peter Rose.

One member from UCL East

  • Mr Derek Stannard.

Other appointed members

The following may be invited to attend where an agenda item is relevant.

  • UCL Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor – Dr Antony Hooper.
  • Safety Advisor - Mr Russell Ham.

Nominated members

The Chemical Safety Sub-Committee welcomes any Trade Union representative that asks to present or join a meeting for a discussion of a set topic but will not be a permanent member. 


  • Mr Jonathan Blackman.


  • All requirements for a Chair are considered necessary for the Deputy Chair other than the need to hold a specific role with UCL where the Chair is an Ex-officio member.

Last updated: Tuesday, August 8, 2023