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Chapter 2.1 - UCL health and safety objectives

This page forms part of UCL’s Safety Management System. This is Chapter 2.1 – UCL health and safety objectives.

Health and safety is integral to the planning of all our business and work activities to ensure adequate resources are provided to implement health and safety requirements. University health and safety objectives are developed annually for review and endorsement by the Work Health and Safety Committee (WHSC).

The Director of Safety Services is responsible for the analysis of UCL-wide health and safety risks, the effectiveness of the safety management system and the development of University safety objectives. Relevant actions are cascaded to UCL Departments. Progress against the UCL Safety Objectives is reviewed quarterly by the WHSC. The analysis is made from a variety of sources:

  • Safety sub-committees and departmental safety committees
  • Risk assessments
  • Incidents
  • Inspection results
  • Actions (current and over-run)
  • Legal and other requirements
  • Health and safety policy decisions
  • Non-conformances
  • Audit/assurance findings
  • Typical significant hazards known to be present in the organisation

> See the current Health and Safety Objectives

Chapter 1 - Safety policy

Chapter 2.2 - Risk based safety improvement plans


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