Safety Services


Department hazard status

To ensure the level of effort and complexity of the T100 programme is in line with the risks faced by individual departments, every department has been categorised as either High or Low Hazard.

High Hazard and Low Hazard Departments have a named Lead Safety Advisor assigned to them. 

The name of your Lead Safety Advisor can be found under your Faculty in the list below.

If your department doesn't appear on the list, please email safety@ucl.ac.uk for assistance.



Arts and Humanities

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Arts and Sciences (BASc) LowNoreen Farooqui
Centre for Editing Lives and LettersLowNoreen Farooqui
Department of English Lang & LiteratureLowNoreen Farooqui
Department of Greek & LatinLowNoreen Farooqui
Department of Hebrew & Jewish StudiesLowNoreen Farooqui
Department of Information StudiesLowNoreen Farooqui
Department of PhilosophyLowNoreen Farooqui
European & International Social & Political StudiesLowNoreen Farooqui
Faculty Office of Arts & Humanities LowNoreen Farooqui
School of European Languages, Culture and Society (SELCS)LowNoreen Farooqui
Slade School of Fine Art HighNoreen Farooqui


Bartlett (Built Environment)

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Bartlett School of ArchitectureHighNoreen Farooqui
Bartlett School of Construction & Project ManagementLowNoreen Farooqui
Bartlett School of Environment, Energy & Resources (BSEER) - exceptions applyLowNoreen Farooqui
Bartlett School of PlanningLowNoreen Farooqui
Built Environment Faculty OfficeLowNoreen Farooqui
Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA)LowNoreen Farooqui
Development Planning Unit (DPU)LowNoreen Farooqui
HereEast (multiple departments)HighNathan Cudjoe
Institute for Global Prosperity LowNoreen Farooqui
Institute for Innovation and Public PurposeLowNoreen Farooqui
Institute for Real Estate (based at UCL HereEast)LowNathan Cudjoe

Brain Sciences

DepartmentHazard RatingSafety Advisor
Division of PsychiatryHighKaty Jinks
Division of Psychology & Lang SciencesHighKaty Jinks
Ear InstituteHighKaty Jinks
Institute of OphthalmologyHighKaty Jinks
Queen Square Institute of NeurologyHighKaty Jinks
Institute of Prion DiseasesHighKaty Jinks
UK Dementia Research Institute HubLowKaty Jinks


Engineering Sciences

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Biochemical EngineeringHighNathan Cudjoe
Centre for Security & Crime ScienceLowNathan Cudjoe
Chemical EngineeringHighNathan Cudjoe
Civil, Environ & Geomatic EngHighNathan Cudjoe
Computer ScienceLowNathan Cudjoe
Electronic & Electrical EngHighNathan Cudjoe
Engineering Science Faculty OfficeLowNathan Cudjoe
Mechanical EngineeringHighNathan Cudjoe
Med Phys & Biomedical EngHighNathan Cudjoe
Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy (STEaPP)LowNathan Cudjoe
UCL School of ManagementLowNathan Cudjoe



DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)LowBodrul Azad
Culture, Communication & Media (CCM)LowBodrul Azad
Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment (CPA)LowBodrul Azad
Education, Practice & Society (EPS)LowBodrul Azad
Learning & Leadership (DLL)LowBodrul Azad
Psychology & Human Development (PHD)LowBodrul Azad
Social Research Institute (SRI)LowBodrul Azad
IOE DirectorateHighBodrul Azad



DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Faculty of LawsLowRachel Fairfax

Life Sciences

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Cruciform Teaching Facilities UnitLowIrida Gaikwad
Division of BiosciencesHighIrida Gaikwad
Gatsby Computational Neuroscience UnitLowIrida Gaikwad
Laboratory for Molecular Cell BiologyHighIrida Gaikwad
The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits & BehaviourHighIrida Gaikwad
UCL School of Pharmacy HighIrida Gaikwad


Mathematical & Physical Sciences

DepartmentHazard RatingSafety Advisor
ChemistryHighIrida Gaikwad
Earth SciencesHighIrida Gaikwad
London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN)HighIrida Gaikwad
MathematicsLowIrida Gaikwad
Science & Technology Studies (STS)LowIrida Gaikwad
Statistical ScienceLowIrida Gaikwad
Institute for Risk & Disaster ReductionLowIrida Gaikwad
MAPS Faculty OfficeLowIrida Gaikwad
Physics & AstronomyHighIrida Gaikwad
Space & Climate PhysicsHighIrida Gaikwad

Medical Sciences

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Cancer InstituteHighTony Hooper
Division of Infection & ImmunityHighTony Hooper
Division of MedicineHighTony Hooper
Division of Surgery & Interventional SciencesHighTony Hooper
Eastman Dental InstituteHighTony Hooper
UCL Medical SchoolLowTony Hooper


Population Health Sciences

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
EGA Institute for Women's HealthHighTony Hooper
Institute of Cardiovascular ScienceHighTony Hooper
Institute of Clinical Trials & MethodologyLowTony Hooper
Institute of Epidemiology & HealthcareLowTony Hooper
Institute for Global HealthLowTony Hooper
Institute of Health InformaticsLowTony Hooper
GOS Institute of Child HealthHighTony Hooper

President and Provost

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
UCL President and ProvostLowTony Hooper
FinanceLowBodrul Azad
Equality, Diversity and InclusionLowTony Hooper
VP: HealthLowBodrul Azad


Social & Historical Sciences

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
AnthropologyLowLloydeth Newell
EconomicsLowLloydeth Newell
GeographyHighLloydeth Newell
HistoryLowLloydeth Newell
History of ArtLowLloydeth Newell
Institute of the AmericasLowLloydeth Newell
Institute of ArchaeologyHighLloydeth Newell
Institute of Archaeology South-EastHighLloydeth Newell
Political ScienceLowLloydeth Newell
Social & Historical Sciences Faculty OfficeLowLloydeth Newell

Social School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES)LowTony Hooper

Students Union UCL

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Students Union UCLLowTony Hooper


Vice-President (Advancement)

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
OVPA DevelopmentLowBodrul Azad

Vice-President (External Engagement)

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Communications and MarketingLowBodrul Azad

Vice-President (Operations)

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Human ResourcesLowBodrul Azad
LegalLowBodrul Azad
Estates DivisionHighBodrul Azad
Information Services Division (ISD)LowBodrul Azad
Professional Services HubLowBodrul Azad
Student and Registry ServicesLowBodrul Azad
UCL EastLowNathan Cudjoe
Workplace HealthLowBodrul Azad

Vice-President (Strategy)

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Planning DivisionLowTony Hooper

Vice-Provost (Education and Student Experience)

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Vice-Provost (Education & Student Experience)LowBodrul Azad

Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation & Global Engagement)

DepartmentHazard RatingLead Advisor
Vice-Provost (Research, Innovation & Global Enterprise)LowBodrul Azad
LCCOS: Library ServicesLowBodrul Azad
LCCOS: Culture, Collections and Open ScienceHighBodrul Azad
UCL Business (UCLB)LowBodrul Azad
UCL Consultants (UCLC)LowBodrul Azad

Last updated: Thursday, August 31, 2023