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Events safety

An event organiser has a duty of care to both the attendees and the workers who are a part of the preparation and running of the event. This page provides guidance on how to safely plan for an event.

UCL Departments and student organisations or groups frequently arrange events, which in order to be successful, require a high degree of management control. These guidelines are intended to ensure that events on UCL premises and managed by UCL staff or students are carried out to the highest standards in terms of safety and enjoyment.

Responsibilities of an event organiser

An event organiser must, as far as reasonably practicable, ensure the safety of persons at all stages of the event:

  • The preparation stage (e.g. assembling equipment, preparing food)
  • The actual event
  • The post-event (e.g. cleaning, dismantling equipment)

Who may be harmed?

  • UCL employees / students
  • Members of the public
  • Contractors working on the event

Policy and guidance documents

To access UCL's events policy, click the link below:

Download UCL's Events Policy

For full guidance on what needs to be done to safely plan and manage a social event, follow the UCL guidance for social events: 

Download UCL Guidance for Social Events

For full guidance on what needs to be done to safely plan and manage an exhibition, follow the UCL guidance for exhibitions: 

Download UCL Guidance for Exhibitions

    Last updated: Monday, July 27, 2020