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Train the Trainer - Face fit tester

This instructor led course will provide UCL staff with the knowledge and competency required to perform Face Fit testing ensuring the correct fitting of Respiratory Protection Equipment (RPE).

Course description

The 'Train the Trainer' programme aims to support participants in delivering effective in-house training to their staff group. You will gain an understanding of how people learn and what factors need to be taken into account when delivering training. You will explore basic teaching strategies and consider how these can be applied.

All safety instructor-led training courses are delivered by our team of safety experts who are Fit2Fit accredited fit testers.


The aim of this interactive course is to train UCL staff members to become Face Fit Testers and be able to carry out effective Face Fit testing on UCL colleagues to ensure suitable and adequate respiratory protection is supplied and worn to maximise its protection.

You will gain the knowledge and competency required to perform Face Fit testing, ensuring the correct fitting of suitable respiratory protection equipment (RPE) using qualitative filtering facepiece (FFP) or half masks.

This course will explain the importance of fit testing, the responsibilities of employers and introduce fit testing using the qualitative method. It will cover all the fit testing criteria set out in HSE's fit testing guidance document INDG 479.

This practical course will cover the essential skills of pre-use checking and the correct donning of facepieces (disposable) before going on to provide an opportunity to practice fit testing using the qualitative method.

You must know what masks are used in your department and bring one to the course.

By completing this two part training course you will understand:

  • The importance of fit testing
  • The principles of fit testing
  • Essential pre-use checking and correct donning of facemasks
  • Responsibilities of employers and fit testers
  • Qualitative fit testing - theory and practical
  • Troubleshooting
  • Gain an understanding of how people learn and what factors need to be taken into account when delivering training

This two part training course will provide a good foundation on which to build practical fit testing skills. To become a competent fit tester will require considerable additional practice and experience. Safety Services will provide you with guidance and ongoing admin support to help you carry out the role.

Target audience

This course is for individuals who need to be able to carry out Face Fit tests on new workers and other staff members as required.

The course is also suitable for those with the responsibility for the correct selection of respiratory protection.

Terms of use

Participants who attend a Train the Trainer course may be provided with a package of training materials so that you can deliver in-house training sessions. Please refer to the Terms of use of all such materials.


Training courses are free to UCL staff however your Department will be charged £50 if you fail to attend when booked on a course.  

Late applications

If you have not received your confirmation notification from the MyHR Mailer please contact Safety Services on 020 3108 8592 or email to safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk.

External delegates

Places to external delegates are only offered if there is spare capacity on an instructor-led course.

Please contact safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk to be placed on a waiting list stating the course title and date you wish to join. 

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Last updated: Thursday, February 24, 2022