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Safety Induction

The manager, supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI) for new members of staff, or graduate research students, is responsible for ensuring that they receive a full safety induction.

Every new member of staff or graduate research student at UCL is required to complete a full safety induction. 

It is the responsiblity of the manager or supervisor of the individual to organise the induction.

The delivery of parts of the induction can be delegated to local safety staff or individuals with relevant knowledge or experience within the department. It is however the responsibility of the manager or supervisor to ensure that this is completed and sign it off

UCL safety induction

A safety induction should consist of two parts:

1) Local induction

All UCL staff members must receive a local safety induction. It should provide new starters with essential information to help them become aware of the local arrangements for their health, safety and well-being. The scope of a local induction should be considered on the individual’s role and responsibility and any hazards they may be working with or exposed to. 

It should cover local safety procedures and should cover all regular places of work that are specific to their job.

It may be necessary for multiple induction sessions to be conducted. However, the local induction should be delivered on the first day in the building. 

> Download the Local Safety Induction checklist
> Download the Local Safety Induction checklist guidance

2) Mandatory online safety induction training

The UCL safety induction training covers the induction to health and safety across the university. This should be completed as soon as possible.

UCL safety induction online module

UCL fire safety induction

The UCL fire safety induction also consists of two parts and should be completed on day 1. 

1) Local fire safety induction and familiarisation

The new starter must be taken on a building fire familiarisation walkaround by their manager or supervisor or a relevant safety person (i.e. DSO, FEM).

The walkaround should cover everything in the TN086 form and its completion recorded on the form.

2) Mandatory online fire safety training

The UCL fire safety induction online module must be completed. 

This course is required to be completed every 2 years as part of refresher training.

Return to UCL safety induction course following COVID-19

Before returning to campus all staff must complete the Return to UCL induction course on MyLearning.

Last updated: Wednesday, September 22, 2021