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Application to undertake first aid training

You do not apply for first aid training through MyLearning, an application must be made to Safety Services first. This page describes the application process to request first aid training.

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> Eligibility to be a first aider
First aid training frequency
> The first aid training application process
> Steps to apply for first aid training

First aid roles and responsibilities

There are 3 first aid roles.

  1. Appointed Person (First Aid)
  2. Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) - 1 day training required
  3. First Aid at Work (FAW) - 3 days training required

> Information about first aid cover during Covid-19 including guidance for first aiders returning to the workplace

Responsibilities of the Appointed Person (First Aid)

  • Check the first aid box regularly to ensure that it is stocked and that the contents are maintained in date
  • Maintain a current list of the First Aiders for their building
  • Take charge when somebody falls ill or is injured and call the emergency services if required
  • Complete an accident/incident report and log any first aid treatment given
  • Ensure their departmental Responsible Persons Register contains their Appointed Person role by informing safetytraining@ucl.ac.uk
  • When there is no Appointed Person these responsibilities must be covered by a first aider

Appointed Persons are not first aiders and should not attempt to give first aid for which they have not been trained.

Responsibilities of the first aider (FAW and EFAW)

  • Respond promptly to calls for first aid assistance
  • As far as reasonably practical render assistance for which they are trained to prevent the condition of the casualty from deteriorating and if possible promote recovery
  • Take charge of the casualty until a satisfactory recovery is achieved or until appropriate medical aid has taken over care of the casualty
  • Complete an accident/incident report and log any first aid treatment given
  • Ensure first aid boxes are periodically checked and stocked and that the contents are maintained in date
  • Covering the Appointed Person (First Aid) role if one is not assigned

Although it is not compulsory, if possible:

  • Have a telephone number published in the UCL Directory

Eligibility to be a first aider

To apply for first aid training, the proposed first aider must meet the following criteria:

  • A permanent contracted member of staff (part-time is eligible but short-term or those with a defined length contract are not)
  • PhD students in their first year when cover cannot be provided by members of staff
  • Willing to attend the training course and to requalify, to maintain the validity of their qualification, every 3 years
  • Willing to attend annual updates
  • Able to cope with stressful and demanding emergency procedures
  • Available to respond rapidly to an emergency in their building
  • Not have been previously trained as a first aider by UCL and then allowed their training lapse without mitigating circumstances

First aid training frequency

The commitment expected from the EFAW and FAW first aiders to maintain their competency is shown below.

First aid training frequency

Year 0 - First aid needs assessment identifies training - First aid at work or Emergency first aid at work
Year 1 - Annual Skills Update
Year 2 - Annual Skills Update
Year 3 - First aid at work requalification or repeat Emegency first aid at work

The first aid training application process

You do not apply for first aid training through MyLearning, an application must be made to Safety Services first.

There are two types of application.

Building baseline application

Safety Services has carried out a baseline assessment of the number of first aiders required on a building by building basis.  The assessment considered the following factors:

  • The type of workplace (e.g. office or laboratory)
  • Building occupancy, size and layout
  • The hazards present
  • The location of nearest A&E department
  • Accident records

The assessment identified the need for 3 levels of first aid provision:

  1. Buildings with low occupancy (<25 people), low risk activities (e.g. office based work) will require 2 or more Appointed Persons (First Aid). This role does not need specific first aid training
  2. Buildings with high occupancy, low risk or medium risk activities (e.g. laboratory based work) will require a number of staff trained in Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW 1 day certificated course)
  3. In addition to the building baseline assessment departments with higher risk activities (e.g. workshops using cutting and welding equipment) will require staff to attend the First Aid at Work (FAW 3 day certificated course)

Requests for first aid training can be made if:

  • The number of first aiders for the building has dropped below the baseline assessment
  • The type of work, hazards or the nature of the workforce changes

> See the first aid baseline assessment by building

Specific activities or specialist areas application

Where departments are undertaking specific activities or have specialist areas then Safety Services will carry out an individual assessment to identify if additional first aiders are required. Examples where an individual assessment may be carried out include:

  • Fieldwork
  • Areas dealing with the public e.g. museums and theatres
  • UCLU bars and cafes
  • UCLU sports and gym facilities
  • Libraries
  • Student residences
  • Areas that are secure or have restricted access e.g. NMRs, CL3 laboratories, clean rooms etc

Safety Services may recommend that the staff to attend the First Aid at Work (FAW certificated 3 day course) where the risk level is considered higher, for example, fieldtrips where it would be difficult to get medical help quickly. 

If you do not have cover for one or more of these activities and the building first aider does not have access or is not suitable for some reason then you can request an additional first aider to be trained.

Steps to apply for first aid training

  1. Confirm the eligibility of the proposed first aider
  2. Identify the correct application process - "building baseline" or "specific activities or specialist areas"
  3. Complete the First Aid Training Request Form - this must be made by the manager of the work or work area where first aid cover is required
  4. Send the First Aid Training Request Form to safety@ucl.ac.uk for review
  5. Upon approval you will receive a confirmation email from Safety Services and the learner will be offered training dates
  6. If the request is unsuccessful, you can summit further information and request a review of our decision

> Download the First Aid Training Request Form

Departments can pay for any number of first aiders, however training should be arranged through Safety Services so that the Responsible Persons Registers are kept up-to-date. 

Last updated: Monday, August 9, 2021