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Electricity is a familiar part of everyday life, but electricity can kill or severely injure people and cause damage to property. This page provides guidance on how to manage electricity at UCL.

Electric shock can kill or seriously injure and it is necessary to ensure that all electrical equipment is maintained. The maintenance of electrical equipment is also a legal requirement under the Electricity at Work Regulations.

UCL Estates

The University has a duty of care to all Students, Staff and Visitors across its entire Estate and as such, a duty to control the risk associated with the dangers of electrical fires or electric shock.

UCL Estates have produced an Electrical Services Policy to detail the UCL management arrangements to be followed to ensure compliance with its legal duty to control the risk associated with the dangers of electricity.

This policy shall be applicable to all UCL UK buildings, as listed on the UCL Building Register.

> UCL Estates Electrical Services Policy

UCL Departments

To meet the requirements under the Regulations and the Policy, UCL departments must make arrangements for regular in-service inspections and testing of electrical equipment under their control. 

Full guidance on how to manage arrangements fo inspection and testing of electrical equipment can be found below.

UCL Guidance on In-Service Electrical Testing

To record electrical appliance visual inspections refer to the document below.

Electrical Appliance Visual Inspection Checklist

Last updated: Thursday, July 30, 2020