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Lunch & Learn sessions – tell us what you think!

28 June 2024

Safety Services wants input from Departmental Safety Officers on how we can tailor your Lunch & Learn sessions to your preferred safety topics, the challenges you face, and any specific areas you’d like to explore.

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We hope you've enjoyed the Lunch & Learn sessions we've been holding. These sessions are a valuable opportunity for us to share important safety information and for you to ask questions and network with your colleagues.

Your feedback matters

To continuously improve these sessions and ensure they meet your needs, we'd be grateful if you could complete a short questionnaire.

The questionnaire takes just a few minutes to complete and will help us understand your preferences for future Lunch & Learns.

Topics you want to see covered

We're also interested in areas of safety you'd like future sessions to focus on. Here are some potential topics based on initial feedback:

  • Safety inspections: Conducting thorough and effective safety inspections in different work environments.
  • Incident reporting and investigation: Best practices for reporting and investigating workplace incidents to prevent future occurrences.
  • DSE: Understand the risks associated with prolonged DSE use and recognise when to refer an employee with DSE-related issues to Workplace Health.
  • Working at heights: Safety protocols and equipment for working on ladders, scaffolds and other elevated platforms.
  • Electrical safety: Preventing electrical hazards and PAT testing.

We welcome additional suggestions - the questionnaire allows you to share your own suggestions so do let us know what you want to learn about!

Complete our brief online survey

We really appreciate your time and input and your opinion counts – so please share your thoughts on our feedback form.

Feedback on our website

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