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UCL Health and Safety Objectives 2016/2017

The health and safety objectives for UCL for the 2016/2017 academic year are stated below.

Heads of Department are required to determine what actions they are to take in order to meet these and their own objectives.

Objective 1

Departments to support, promote and publicise Wellbeing@UCL, our wellbeing strategy. Departments should actively engage Wellbeing Champions (supported by UCL Occupational Health & Wellbeing) to; promote health and wellbeing at a department level, to ensure that staff are aware of opportunities to maintain and improve their wellbeing and to act as role models to the UCL staff and student communities.

Objective 2

Beginning this academic year, Departments to have reviewed and signed off in riskNET all new incidents within 10 working days to ensure the level of risk is determined and so that the department can benefit from lessons learned and any trends identified.

Objective 3

Departments to have written arrangements in place to ensure that all staff who use display screen equipment have a validated self - assessment.

Objective 4

Departments to actively encourage the reporting of near-iss and hazard observations using the new reporting tool in riskNET. A tool to be available from January 2017. 

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