Safety Services


Estates Maintenance Staff Fire Safety Guidance

Alarm System Weekly Test GuideGuide to the weekly test of fire alarms
Alarm System Weekly Test ScheduleWeekly fire alarm testing schedule
Beam DetectorsLocations and maintenance instructions
Definitions and TermsGeneral fire safety terms and definitions
Emergency Building Closure MatrixGuidance to assist Estates staff on whether to close a building because of an emergency
Emergency Lighting TestingGuide on how to test emergency lighting
Fire Doors Table of technical notes relating to fire doorsLINK
Fire ExtinguishersTable of technical notes relating to types, selection and use of fire extinguishersLINK
Fire HydrantTesting and maintenance procedure for UCL (private) hydrants
Fire Safety InformationAide memoir of fire instructions, equipment and signage for Maintenance staff and Contractors
Gas Fire SuppressionTesting and maintenance procedure (Bloomsbury Campus)
Hose ReelsGeneral guidance about the risk of Legionella for anyone carrying out maintenance on hose reels
Induction and Familiarisation ChecklistChecklist and record of topics covered during fire induction and familiarisation for maintenance staff
Sprinkler - Bloomsbury Theatre and CCBTest and maintenance procedure for sprinklers located at the Bloomsbury Theatre and the CCB
Sprinkler - Roberts BuildingTest and maintenance procedure for sprinklers located at the Roberts Building
Sprinkler - 1-19 Torrington PlaceTest and maintenance procedure for sprinklers located at 1-19 Torrington Place
Training Basic Fire Safety training is available for all staff students and contractors, Fire Evacuation Marshal training for staff appointed to the role and Safe Use of Fire Extinguishers for specified staffLINK