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10 ways to deliver a Safety Moment

Read on for suggestions on how to present a Safety Moment in an engaging and creative manner. When presenting your Safety Moment consider introducing the subject first to outline the contents before beginning - especially if you are discussing a sensitive topic (e.g. topics related to mental or physical health). This will allow your audience the opportunity to prepare themselves or excuse themselves if they wish to do so.


Biting a pencil

Come up with a list of questions that you can ask your team during your safety moment. For example:

  • Quiz them on their knowledge on first aid e.g. how to treat a burn at home or how many breaths do you do for CPR each time?
    > View example quiz questions (doc).
  • Run a quiz on different laws in countries that you may have travelled to recently, such as what items you legally require in your car if travelling in Europe.


Hands pointing upward to answer a question

Instead of quizzing them on their knowledge, you could take a vote to kick off the safety moment. For example:

  • "How many of you own dogs?" followed by "Hands up if you know what to do if a dog is choking." Discuss their answers and then share the official first aid advice on what to do when a dog is choking.
    7 First Aid Tips that could save your dog’s life
  • Get people to raise their hand if they check their blind spot when exiting the car, and then ask them to raise their hand if they ride a bike and have had a car door open on them. Encourage healthy discussion to raise awareness.


Man and woman high fiving

Play a game with your team, you could even split them into groups and turn it into a competition. For example:

  • Split your team into groups to come up with as many coping mechanisms as they can, and then see who can come up with the most. You could then discuss the difference between healthy vs unhealthy coping mechanisms.
    What can I do to help myself cope? (from Mind.org.uk)
  • Show your team different pictures of food and ask them to point out which ones are safe to eat from the fridge, and which ones need reheating.
  • Play a "Higher or Lower" game to inform them with facts on a topic of your choice.
    > View food safety game example (ppx)


Two people at a laptop

Show your colleagues a video during your presentation to either spark conversation or to teach them something useful. For example:



Sparkler in hand

A picture can paint a thousand words. Use an interesting picture to facilitate discussion, for example:



Powerpoint Slide

Man delivering powerpoint presentation to team

If you would like to, you could create a PowerPoint slide around a topic, for example:


News article

Man reading newspaper sitting down

If you've seen an interesting article you could refer to it or share it as a resource for bedtime reading. For example:

  • Discuss how plants can be good for your health.
    > View BBC article with more detail on the benefits of plants.
  • Share tips on how to reduce the risk of fire whilst heating your home during the winter months.
    > View article from London Fire on how to stay safe whilst heating your home.


Personal experience

group of people on chairs discussing something

If you're comfortable doing so, share a story that you've heard or that you've personally experienced, for example:

  • Talk about your travels abroad and any tips that helped you e.g. tips for solo travelling
  • Share how you adjusted your workstation at home to help your posture and what equipment you found useful in doing so


    person on fall with knees up stretching

    Get up and about and practise what you preach. Be it on Microsoft teams or face to face, demonstrate something to your colleagues. For example:

    • If you are in a face to face meeting, you could get up and show people how to set up a desk chair and how that can be helpful for them.

      Crowd participation

      Group of people linking hands

      If you're able to do so, involve your colleagues when you present your safety moment. For example:

      • Show them a calming breathing technique and welcome them to join you to have a go with you.
      • Ask them to show you ways that they've made their desks more comfortable at home, or if in-person instruct them on how to set up their chair correctly.

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