Bio-Robots: Crawl, Jump, and Slither!

To develop a teaching framework centred on robotic for school students.


1 June 2022

Research Team

IFAT YASIN | Dimitrios Kanoulas | Stephen Hailes 

Technology Areas

Use of Generic Robotics Technologies for Specific Applications 

Application Areas



This project will use as its foundation a teaching framework centred on robotics. School students will be introduced to robotics and simple coding skills. School students will learn about robotics design and the biomechanics of movement. The teaching materials will be co-created with the teachers and will establish a resource that can be used in curriculum teaching.

The main aims of the project are:

  • Inspire: Encourage and inspire school students to consider STEM subjects and careers.
  • Transform: Use alternative spaces for learning such as the museum and a variety of learning techniques and materials to engage learning.
  • Influence: Measures of the impact of such teaching and learning will be obtained and shared with teachers. The information provided will be useful in planning future engagement activities around STEM subjects.