Videos by and about UCL Robotics

UCL Robotics Showcase @ TAROS 2015

Robotics Teleoperation at multiple scales: Enabling exploration, manipulation and assembly in new worlds beyond human capability. First presented in September 2015 by Vijay Pawar at the TAROS conference/ Liverpool.

Bartlett CADCAM: Robot machining Darwin

B-made, the Bartlett Manufacturing and Design Exchange, at The Bartlett School of Architecture create a sculpture for UCL's Darwin (or) Bust Exhibition, which re-imagines the iconic face of Charles Darwin for the 21st century.
B-made CADCAM staff: Emmanuel Vercruysse, Inigo Dodd, Eddie De Lara and Tom Svilans

UCL Robotics Snakearm featured in BritLab

Inside a VR lab - Brit Lab
Greg Foot visits the VR lab at UCL Computer Science to see how they are building and using Virtual Reality to change people's lives.
From Minute 3:48 Greg is introduced to Prof Tickle, the amorphous dexterous snake arm robot at UCL 3DIMPact at UCL CEGE.

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