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Dr Atbin Djamshidian

Atbin Djamshidian, MD
Clinical Research Fellow

Atbin Djamshidian
Atbin Djamshidian graduated at the University of Medicine in Vienna and trained in Neurology in Vienna, Austria. In 2002 he won the first prize by the Austrian League against Epilepsy for research leading to improvements in the therapy of epilepsy. In 2005 he did the Diploma course in clinical Neurology and was awarded with a mark of distinction at the University College London at Queen Square. He was working as a staff neurologist in Vienna for 2 years before moving to London in 2009. Atbin is currently a clinical research fellow in Movement Disorders to Prof Lees. He is doing behavioural studies in impulsive and non-impulsive patients with Parkinson’s disease. He is also interested in the effect of stress in Parkinson’s disease.  
Tel:   +44-20-3108 0072

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