UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction


Nurmalahayati Nurdin

Integrating disaster risk reduction concept into senior high school curriculum in Indonesia.

This research will focus on the implementation of disaster education in Senior High School in Indonesia. The research aims to understand the current progress of disaster education by reviewing the science curriculum and the implementation of the school-based disaster preparedness programme in the Secondary High school in Indonesia.

The research will contribute to knowledge in the development of disaster education and the science curriculum,  the implementation of the school-based disaster preparedness programme and the dissemination of disaster risk reduction knowledge through school lessons at the secondary high school level. It can be as a model and a lesson to learn for other schools across Indonesia in developing their curriculum to improve students' awareness on disaster risk. In this regard the role of student awareness expected to be more essential to disseminate the knowledge both directly (informing) and indirectly (attitudes) into wider families or relatives and community as a whole. From that point, the benefits will expand to communities who live in disaster-prone areas and are affected by climate-related disasters, and also can be adapted by other countries, which have similar issues as Indonesia.