UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction


Khuloud M Al Mufarraji

Effective risk and crisis communication for better community resilience.

Today's environment is full of risks and hazards. From epidemics to drug recalls to natural disasters and terrorism, new risks arise every day in our life. Public fear and concern about exposures to risks and crisis have increased along with a corresponding demand for information. Lot of effort has been done on helping individuals and communities be better prepared for a specific hazard. Effective communication is often identified as a key practice to move toward the desired goal-more disaster resilient communities.

Risk communication is an interactive process of exchange of information and opinion among individuals, groups, and institutions; often involves multiple messages about the nature of risk or expressing concerns, opinions, or reactions to risk messages or to legal and institutional arrangements for risk management.

In my research, I am aiming to assess and evaluate the risk communication practices and strategies in Oman and to develop a model of effective risk and crisis communication using integral approach with community engagement for better community resilience.