UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction


Emmanuel Agbo

Disaster Mitigation and Emergency ResponseA case of flood vulnerability in Nigeria

Nigeria is currently faced with huge economic and social losses accompanied by increased loss of human lives. These losses are attributed to the increased incidence of both man-made and natural disasters. The level of losses associated with natural disasters (floods, tropical storms, land erosions, earthquake, windstorms, drought, desertification, coastal erosion, wildfire, among others), is dependent on the vulnerability of the population within the disaster area. Vulnerability represents the physical, social, economic, or political predisposition of individuals or community to harm in an extreme natural or anthropogenic occurrence. Critical analysis therefore views extreme event as disaster with presence of exposed vulnerable group (Wisner et al., 2003). My research thus seeks to approach Nigeria flood disaster management challenge from the vulnerability view point with aim to strengthen the existing disaster management framework, highlight the needed criteria for formulating an improved framework, and enumerate the socioeconomic importance of this proactive measure to national development.