Early Rice Symposium 2011 (Beijing)

Early Rice Cultivation & Its Weed Flora

Symposium: 30-31 May 2011

Held at Peking University School of Archaeology & Museology, Sackler Museum, Room 206. Sponsered by the Early Rice Project of University College London, NERC (UK) and the PKU School of Archaeology and Museology.
Early Rice Symposium 2011 (Beijing) Group Photo


DAY 1  (30 May 2011) 9:30 am-10:00 Introduction to the Early Rice Project this workshop - Dorian Q Fuller (UCL)

Session 1. Studying early rice cultivation systems, in the Lower Yangtze and elsewhere (Chair: Michele Wollstonecroft (UCL))

10:30-11:00. Qin Ling (Peking University)-Recent discoveries at Maoshan and the development of paddy fields in the Lower Yangtze

11:00-11:30, Zong Yongqiang (Hong Kong University)-- Palynological approaches to reconstructing early rice cultivation

11:30-12:00. Heejin Lee & Zhuang Yijie (Cambridge University)-- Soil micromorphological approaches to determining rice cultivation system: examples from Korea and China

12:00-12:30. Zheng Yunfei (Zhejiang Prov. Inst. of Archaeology)- Coring, phytoliths and palaeosoils, and reconstructing early rice cultivation at Tianluoshan

Session 2. Evidence for rice beyond China- South Asia, Thailand and Korea (Chair: Mukund Kajale (Deccan College, Pune, Emeritus Professor)

2-2:30. Cristina Castillo (UCL) - New evidence for early rice cultivation & systems in early Thailand

2:30-3:00. Eleanor Kingwell-Banham (UCL) - Archaeobotanical research in South Asia: new results from Sri Lanka and India

3-3:30. Sung-mo Ahn (Wonkwang University, South Korea)-A current view of early rice cultivation in Korea

Session 3. Early Rice Project modern analogue studies of rice systems and weed flora: field reports.

(Chair: Steve Weber (Washington State University))

4:00-4:20 Gou Yu (Peking University)- Pursuing Oryza rufipogon and its associates in Guangxi.

4:20-4:40 Cristina Castillo (UCL)-A short report on developing seed reference collections for archaeobotany in Thailand, and modern rice cultivation

4:40-5:00 Dorian Fuller (UCL), Mukund Kajale & Rabi Mohanty (Deccan College Pune)-An short overview of rice field surveys in Western India and Orissa

5-5:15. Elleanor Kingwell-Banham-Notes on a wild rice (Oryza nivara) harvest experiment in Orissa (India)

5:15 pm General Discussion & Comments (Chair: Steve Weber (Washington State University))

6:30 Conference Dinner.  

31 May 2011 (Day. 2)

Session 4. Further studies on Early Chinese rice

Chair: Qin Ling (Peking University)

9:30-10 Dorian Q Fuller & Alison Weisskopf (UCL)- Archaeobotanical assemblages and weed flora from Lower Yangtze sites: current results from macros and phytoliths

10:00-10:30. Jin Guiyun (Shandong University)-Evidence for rice cultivation in Neolithic Haidai region

Session 5. The Potential of Weed Flora in Early Cultivation Studies (Chair: Zhao Zhijun (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) 11am-12:30

11-11:30. Gary Crawford (Univ. of Toronto)-Weedy flora beyond the agricultural field: Anthropogenesis in Japan

11:30-12. Chris Stevens (UCL/ Wessex Archaeology) -The use of archaeological weed floras for inferring differences/ changes in cultivation practices: examples from England

12:00-12:30. Alison Weisskopf (UCL) - Comparing modern rice cultivation systems and wild rice through soil phytoliths: first results of Early Rice Project analogue studies.

12:30-2pm Lunch (packed lunch provided for picnic on campus).

Session 6. Contributions from Experimental archaeobotany

Chair: Chris Stevens (UCL)

2-2:30. Nattha Chuenwattana& Michele Wollstonecroft (UCL)-The effects of carbonization on rice: Evidence from charring experiments

2:30-3. Leo Aoi Hosoya (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto)-Exploring the broad resource base of early rice farmers: processing of peach and apricot kernels.

Session 7. Further results from China and synthesis on early Chinese rice cultivation

           (Gary Crawford, Chair)

3:30-4:00. Deng Zhenhua (Peking University)-Agricultural changes at Baligang (Henan): between North and South

4:00-4:30. Zhijun (Jimmy) Zhao (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) & Gu Haibin (Hunan Prov. Inst. Of Archaeology)-Re-examining early rice and the development of cultivation in the Middle Yangtze

4:30-5 Yo-Ichiro Sato (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto). Rice: grown in China.

5pm. Final Discussion & Comments section.

        Chair: Peter Bellwood (Australia National University) 6:30 Conference Dinner..