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March 15th: Sharing Archaeological Data Workshop

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Sharing Archaeological Data

UCL Institute of Archaeology, Thursday 15th March 2012
13.00-15:00, Room 410

Which archaeological repositories allow open data?
How can data be added to UCL Discovery and IRIS, to count as an output?
How can you be cited and recognised for sharing data?
How can data sharing result in more efficient research?
How can it lead to new and more collaborative projects?

This workshop will involve a discussion of the ongoing findings from the REWARD project (Researchers using Existing Workflows to Archive Research Data), and an introduction  to the Journal of Open Archaeology Data (JOAD).

November 18th: Research Data Management Workshop

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How to get the most out of your data and why it matters

Friday 18 November 2011
Room 209

What happens to data after your research projects are over?
What is the reuse potential of your data?
How can you benefit from its potential?

Research Data Management applies to all kinds of data deriving either from artefact, spatial, textual, statistical, visual, sound, or any other type of analysis.

This workshop aims to introduce researchers in the Institute of Archaeology to research data management, its importance for the future of research, the REWARD project and the Digital Curation Centre’s DMP Online tool.

Please confirm your attendance by email to Anastasia Sakellariadi

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