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REWARD is a six-month collaboration between the UCL Institute of Archaeology, UCL Library Services and Ubiquity Press, funded by the JISC. The project is examining ways to use familiar workflows to encourage the archiving of research data using the UCL Discovery institutional repository. Researchers are being asked to manage their data using the Digital Curation Centre’s DMP Online tool, and then to make the data openly available in the institutional repository via publishing a data paper in the Journal of Open Archaeological Data (JOAD). This will make the data citable and reuse trackable, important factors for the 2014 REF. Five case studies will be followed during the course of the project in order to assess the effectiveness of the systems involved.


There is strong support for the archiving, dissemination and reuse of research data from government, funding bodies, institutions and researchers. A recent study has shown that researchers in particular highly value the resulting re-analysis of existing data, its potential for future validation purposes, role in the advancement of science, and potential for stimulating interdisciplinary collaborations [1]. More efficient research through the reuse of data is especially appealing in a tight funding environment.

Project templates, presentations and posters are available for viewing and download on our resources page. Please make use of whatever you find here, and contact us if you have any questions.

Dr Anastasia Sakellariadi
REWARD Research Data Scientist

Brian Hole
REWARD Project Manager

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