UoA30: THE BARTLETT (excluding Planning)

This submission to UoA30 is from three of the four schools making up the UCL Faculty of the Built Environment: The Bartlett School of Architecture (BSA), the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (BSGS), and the recently formed Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management (BSCPM). The fourth, the Bartlett School of Planning, is submitted separately to UoA31, so this submission is not directly comparable to the 2001 Bartlett UoA30 submission.

The need for a multidisciplinary research environment

Research at the Bartlett is driven by the idea that, to support a forward-moving society, the built environment must be delivered and managed as both the visible creation of human imagination and as a product of the best scientific thinking. Since 2001, the aim of the Bartlett as a multidisciplinary school of the built environment has been to create, side by side, a creative design culture, with roots in the arts, humanities and innovative technology, and a science culture driven by the need to master problems which are in their nature multidisciplinary. Our aim in the next quinquennium is to create a milieu in which these fields interact in imaginative and scientific innovation, while preserving the excellence and integrity of each.

Structure and groupings

This aim defines the structure of research submitted to UoA30. On the design side, the Bartlett School of Architecture (BSA) through its Architecture Research Group (ARG) seeks excellence both in experimental and innovative design and in the production of the theoretical, historical and speculative scholarship through which architecture orientates itself and finds new directions in a changing society. On the science side, the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies (BSGS) seeks through its Complex Built Environment Systems Group (CBES) a deeper understanding of the physical performance of built environment choices and their implications for energy use, health, productivity and climate change, and through its Space Group (SG) a deeper understanding of the social consequences and antecedents of design through the study of spatial organisation in buildings and cities. Our concern for the production of the built environment is focused in our recently reconstituted Bartlett School of Construction and Project Management (BSCPM) which through its Construction and Project Management Research Group (CPMRG) seeks intellectual leadership in three strategic and rapidly changing fields: construction economics, construction enterprise management and the discipline of managing projects.


These are the four main research groups through which progress and plans will be reported. Within these groups there is a more elementary level of research organisation in the form of subgroups linking a research masters course, a doctoral programme, and, where appropriate, a funded research programme. There are two such groups in ARG, five in CBES, two in the SG, and two in CPMRG. Where appropriate, these will be described within the group descriptions.

Headline achievements

The success and diversity of the research cultures this style of management has created can be shown through some headline achievements. Staff submitted to UoA30 have, since 2001, produced more than five times as many outputs as are cited in RA2, including 48 books, 180 book chapters, 237 journal articles, 6 special issues of journals, and 70 reports. They have presented 352 papers at conferences, 305 of them refereed. Members of BSA have won 27 first prizes for designs, 7 competition wins for building proposals, and 16 honorable mentions/runners-up. They have also designed and curated 29 exhibitions, exhibited designs in 107 shows, and created 30 artworks and 19 buildings. In BSGS, all 26 staff members submitted belong to one of two EPSRC Platform funded research groups, CBES and SG, which between them have won over £14m in competitive funding since 2001. Platform grants are highly prestigious EPSRC grants which are internationally peer reviewed and allocated only to ‘world leading’ research groups. BSGS is currently the only department in the built environment area to hold a platform grant, and one of the few science departments in the UK to hold two. 

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