Research Integrity


Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOI) imposes a duty on public authorities such as UCL:

  1. To confirm or deny that the information requested is held.
  2. If the information is held, to communicate it to the applicant.

Anyone may make a request in writing for information held by or on behalf of UCL, and UCL must comply promptly within the specified time of 20 working days.

UCL's Freedom of Information Policy sets out:

  • The duties imposed by the Act and how UCL intends to discharge those duties
  • Responsibility for ensuring compliance
  • Complaints and appeals.

UCL's Freedom of Information Policy

FOI Requests

Members of UCL Staff receiving a request for information from a member of the public should refer the request immediately to their Department's FOI Coordinator/UCL Data Protection & FOI team. Guidelines for staff on managing FOI requests and the responsibilities of Heads of Department and Departmental FOI Coordinators can be found on the staff guidelines webpage.

FOI staff guidelines

If you receive a request for information you should consider whether this is a request made under the Act as it is not always immediately clear. If you are unsure speak to your Departmental FOI Coordinator.

Remember it is a legal requirement that UCL responds to requests within 20 working days, so do not delay.