Research integrity


Data Management & Protection

Data management in research covers a wide area from the secure collection of data to the safe storage and stewardship of data (such as field notes, consent forms and audio files) and electronic data (such as audio files), to archiving and open access.

Wherever data exists it needs to be properly managed. Good data management is extremely important and should be carefully considered throughout the life of the research and after; including archiving and timely destruction of data. Poor data management can undermine the integrity of the research as well as overshadow any benefits and/or impact that the research may produce.

All those involved with handling data should be aware of the relevant legislation and UCL policies, such as the UCL Research Data Policy.  In addition, the Research Data Management webpages provide essential information for the management of research data for the whole research lifecycle.

Areas to consider

The following pages are designed to raise awareness of some areas to consider and to direct you towards further information sources.

Some general questions to consider with all data are:

What is the data?
What format is the data in?
Where is the data stored?
Who has access to the data?