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REF 2014

REF2014 results: read analysis by the UCL Vice-Provost (Research)

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154 UK universities took part in REF2014. They made 1,911 submissions which comprised:

  • 52,077 academic staff
  • 191,232 research outputs
  • 6,975 impact case studies.

36 expert sub-panels reviewed the submissions, which were overseen by four main panels.

Around £2 billion per year of research funding will be allocated on the basis of the results.

UCL's Submission

  • UCL made the 1st Largest Submission in London 
  • 36 submissions* were made to the individual Units of Assessments
  • 2750 Staff were submitted (2567 FTE)
  • 491 Early Career Researchers submitted
  • 9416 Outputs submitted
  • 295 Impact Case Studies submitted
  • > £1.4 Billion Research Income reported in REF4
  • Our outputs included 372 monographs, 62 Edited Books, 7 Scholarly Editions

*UCL did not submit to all of the 36 REF Units of Assessment but multiple submissions were made to each of the following panels: 3 Allied health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy; 17 Geography, Environmental Studies and Archaeology; 25 Education; 34 Art and Design, History, Practice and Theory.