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UCL Cancer Symposium 2024

UCL's flagship cross-faculty cancer research event

The sold-out 2024 UCL Cancer Symposium, organised by the UCL Cancer Domain, took place at the UCL Great Ormond Street Hospital Institute of Child Health on the 1st May 2024. The symposium demonstrated UCL’s cross-Faculty strength in cancer research, with talks and posters showcasing the future of research, therapy, prevention and patient management from the perspectives of a perhaps uniquely broad range of complementary disciplines. Over 250 researchers from all career stages attended to learn, network and make new collaborations.

Talks incorporated expertise in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, clinical research and biological therapy, advanced computation and AI, mathematics, health data, technology and the built environment.

The inspiring keynote talk from Professor Charles Swanton, Chief Investigator of the CRUK TRACERx study, explored the importance of chromosomal instability in cancer progression, immune evasion and outcomes. The data stemmed from the pioneering CRUK TRACERx study, that continues to transform our understanding of genomic diversity and tumour evolution.

The poster session featured 34 posters covering a wide range of topics and presenters discussed their research with attendees, building connections with cancer researchers from beyond their Departments and Faculties.

Each year a prize is awarded for best poster at the symposium with posters judged for design, presentation, and content. The 2024 best poster prize winners were Yuchen Yang, Rosanne Roys and Syeda Hibba Tul Hayee for their poster “Advancing Early Career Diagnosis: The ADEPTS Study for pancreatic cancer and other pancreaticobiliary disease.” The 2024 runner up for best poster was Piotr Pawlik for his poster "A novel algorithm for deconvolving cancer allele-specific clone copy number and copy number evolution."

The sheer breadth of disciplines covered and the excellence on display during poster sessions demonstrates the UCL cancer research community’s strength. Given its broad range of expertise, UCL is well placed to continue to produce leading research as well as develop novel therapies to help improve outcomes for all those affected by cancer.

Professor Charles Swanton 


Cancer Evolution: Chromosomal Instability, Immune Evasion and Metastases 

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Dr Maria Secrier


Cell state switches and local adaptation in cancer: insights from single cell and spatial data

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Dr Kasper Fugger 


Detoxification of non-canonical nucleotides is essential to safeguard genome stability

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Dr Marnix Jansen


Mutation rate evolution drives immune escape in mismatch repair deficient cancer

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Dr Brieuc Lehmann


Cancer inequalities: Challenges and opportunities for data science

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Professor J.P. Martinez-Barbera


Tumour Promoting Activities of Senescent Cells in Cancer

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Professor Karen Page


Mathematical models of CAR T cell therapies for cancer

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Dr Steve Harris


UCLH: Data access for research

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Professor Grant Mills


The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment: Considering the System from the Perspective of Healthcare Buildings

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Professor John Kelly


The HALO-X platform for detection of adverse events at home during and after treatment

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