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Off World Living

To achieve the quest of off world living will require tenacity, collaboration and new solutions and discoveries – with potential payoffs for our planet at a time of need.

The dark side of the Earth as seen from space
Destination: Moon

This 8-minute film gives an overview of the past, present, and future of Moon Exploration, from the Lunar cataclysm to ESA’s vision of what Lunar exploration could be.


We want to go back to the Moon to crack its mysteries and use it as a springboard towards humanity’s future in deep space.


Off World Living (OWL) will require collaboration and cooperation at a scale rarely seen. While notions of Off World “Living” are circa 100 years away, ESA, NASA and other agencies are ‘committed’ to getting humans to the Moon and on to Mars. This endeavour is going to involve all sectors: public, private, academic, nonprofit and citizens. It will need consideration of extreme environments, from humanitarian relief challenges to advanced knitted fabrics for the suits needed for long space voyage. The next 100 years will need students and researchers who can address OWL challenges and topics, and will provide opportunities for new invention, innovation, collaboration and knowledge exchange - including how we can apply the emerging knowledge to our own precious planet at a precarious time.


Presentations from the 2021 ESA-UCL Off World Living Workshop (pdfs)

Space health and disaster risk reduction for off-world living

Tapping into human potential to explore outer space

Interdisciplinary Space Studies and Research


Passive thermal control of enclosures

Navigation and communication system design

Selecting suitable habitats for off-world living using 3D and super-resolution

Lunar ISRU processing technology

Off World Living – Challenges & Exploration Roadmaps

OSIP Off-Earth Manufacturing and Construction

Space Architecture: Activities from the Advanced Concepts Team

Space Innovation