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Our Research

UCL has a large and vibrant community of academics who are working in populations and lifelong health, including over 1000 Researchers, 21 Fellows of the Academy of Medical Sciences and 11 Fellows of the British Academy.

A broad range of factors impacts the health of populations, requiring expertise from a multitude of disciplines to understand and improve their health. At UCL this expertise spans across numerous departments and research groups from genetic epidemiology and psychobiology to applied health research, health economics; and implementation and improvement science.


Follow the links below to explore the research Themes that sit within the UCL Populations & Lifelong Health Domain.



Global Health

Health Economics

NIHR School for Public Health Research

Tuberculosis (TB)


Below is the link to a list of researchers who are currently working in the field of populations and lifelong health research at UCL. Follow the link to find their contact details and more information about their work.

A list of the UCL Departments and Groups conducting populations and lifelong health research is also available.

Our Research
" "Expertise in the Populations & Lifelong community at UCL spans across numerous departments and groups."