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UCL Excellence in Health Research Prize

UCL Excellence in Health Research Prize banner

The UCL Populations & Lifelong Health Domain, with support from the Domain’s Early Careers Network, and the UCL Faculty of Population Health Sciences, have launched a competition to recognise excellent peer-reviewed, published, original research authored by UCL early career researchers in the broad theme of populations and lifelong health. 

Prize winners will receive a substantial award that they can use as appropriate to support their research or career development, and will be invited to present their winning paper at the Populations & Lifelong Health Domain Symposium on 26 March 2019. 

1st prize: £5000
2nd prize: £2000

Applicants are invited to submit an original research paper which has been published in a peer-reviewed journal since January 2017. Papers must be relevant to the broad area of population health.

  • Applicant must be the main contributor. See full eligibility criteria
  • Authors will be required to submit a statement on the importance of their paper (500 word limit). See full application process
  • Applications must be submitted in one PDF file (combining paper and letter) to Claire Morris-Roberts (c.morris-roberts@ucl.ac.uk) from a UCL email address. 

Deadline: Monday 25 February 2019, 11am.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Papers must be relevant to the broad area of population and lifelong health 
  • Papers submitted must be original research only (i.e. not review papers)
  • Papers must have been published in a peer-reviewed journal within the past 2 years (January 2017 onwards), or be accepted/in press at the time of submission. 
  • Applicants must be a post-doctoral researcher (non-tenure track) at UCL
  • Applicants must be the main contributor to the paper - normally first or last (senior) author. Multiple-authors are allowed, as long as the applicant occupies first or last position  Applicants must justify how they are the main contributor in their accompanying statement (in particular if not 1st author). 
  • Prizes will be paid into a UCL account, and applicants must be able to spend the prize whilst at UCL, therefore must be based at UCL until December 2019 or beyond.
  • Applicants are encouraged from any UCL faculty. 
  • Previous winners of this prize are excluded from submitting applications for this prize.
  • Applicants may only submit one application, and may not resubmit a paper that has previously been submitted for this prize. 

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Application process:

  • Applicants should submit the full version of their paper as published.
  • Authors will be required to submit an application form including a statement of no more than 500 words on the importance of their paper which must be in ‘plain English’, understandable to a broad audience and should include details of:
  1. Why the paper is important,  
  2. How the research is original and novel,  
  3. How the paper has contributed to knowledge/progress within the field, 
  4. If you have presented the paper at any conferences,   
  5. Statement of your contribution to the paper,   
  6. Applicant information: name, current job title/position at UCL, department and faculty, contract end date (if applicable), email address, title of publication, and date of publication (or acceptance if not yet published). 
  • Applications must be submitted in one PDF file (combining paper and letter) to Claire Morris-Roberts (c.morris-roberts@ucl.ac.uk) from a UCL email address, by the deadline: Monday 25 February 2019, 11am.

Download application form

Review criteria:

Applications will be reviewed based on:

  • Clarity
  • Originality
  • Contribution to knowledge/progress within field
  • The accompanying 500 word statement from the applicant

Review process:

The review of the papers will be undertaken by senior academic members of UCL staff who are leaders in the field of population and lifelong health research.

  • Stage 1: Online sifting based on above criteria to arrive at a shortlist of ~10 papers
  • Stage 2: Review subpanel to meet and review all shortlisted papers, to agree prize winners.

Review panel:  TBC.  

Prizes: Two prizes will be awarded: a first prize of £5000 and the runner up receiving £2000.

Further information for applicants:

  • All applicants must be able to present their research at the Domain Symposium on 26 March 2019, if awarded a first or runner up prize. 
  • Money awarded is to be used as seed funding for research activity and career development. Activities that could be funded include attending a conference, hosting a meeting, running a PPI workshop, training, equipment, or running a pilot study. The prize will be paid to a UCL account and is not salary enhancement. 
  • Prize winners will be able to attend a mentoring session with senior academics where they can develop a plan to most effectively use the prize fund to enhance their career progression. Prizes will be awarded on the basis of a budget proposal supporting this plan.
  • A short report including details of how the money was spent will be required after one year (by March 2020). 


Questions to Karen Groot (k.groot@ucl.ac.uk)