UCL Research Domains


Clinical Microbiology

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of infection or disease in patients and their samples, including clinical trials of treatments and vaccines. Subthemes: Bacteriology, Mycology/Paristology, Virology

Ibrahim Abubakar
Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Institute for Global Healthi.abubakar@ucl.ac.uk
Judith Breuer
Professor of Virology (Honorary Consultant)
Division of Infection & Immunityj.breuer@ucl.ac.uk
Elaine Cloutman-Green
Clinical Scientist in Infection Control/NIHR Fellow
UCL GOS Institute of Child Healthelaine.cloutman-green@gosh.nhs.uk
Helen Donoghue
Honorary Associate Professor
Infection & Immunityh.donoghue@ucl.ac.uk
Vicky Enne
Senior Research Associate
Infection & Immunityv.enne@ucl.ac.uk
Hanif Esmail
Clinical Senior Lecturer
Inst of Clinical Trials & Methodologyh.esmail@ucl.ac.uk
Nigel Field
Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Infection & Population Healthnigel.field@ucl.ac.uk
Vanya Gant
Divisional Clinical Director for Infection at UCLH
Infection & Immunity;
University College Hospital
Richard Gilson
Professor in Sexual Health and HIV
Infection & Population Healthr.gilson@ucl.ac.uk
Robert Heyderman
Professor of Infectious Diseases
Infection & Immunityr.heyderman@ucl.ac.uk
Teresa Hill
Research Fellow
Institute for Global Healthteresa.hill@ucl.ac.uk
Marc Lipman
Professor of Medicine
Respiratory Medicinem.lipman@ucl.ac.uk
Timothy McHugh
Professor of Medical Microbiology
Infection & Immunityt.mchugh@ucl.ac.uk
Reza Motallebzadeh
Clinical Associate Professor in Renal Transplant Surgery
Division of Surgery & Interventional Sciencer.motallebzadeh@ucl.ac.uk
Yuan Ng
Professor of Endodontology
Eastman Dental Institutey.ng@ucl.ac.uk
Lambis Petridis
Clinical Associate Professor
Eastman Dental Institutec.petridis@ucl.ac.uk
Sarah Pett
Professor of Infectious Diseases and International Health
Institute for Global Healths.pett@ucl.ac.uk
Gabriele Pollara
Clinical Training Fellow / NIHR Clinical Lecturer
Infection & Immunityg.pollara@ucl.ac.uk
Lele Rangaka
Clinical Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor
Institute for Global Healthl.rangaka@ucl.ac.uk
Jennifer Rohn
Professorial Research Fellow
Centre for Nephrologyj.rohn@ucl.ac.uk
Maryam Shahmanesh
Senior Clinical Lecturer
Institute for Global Healthm.shahmanesh@ucl.ac.uk
Laura Shallcross
Professor of Public Health & Translational Data Science
Institute of Health Informaticsl.shallcross@ucl.ac.uk
Emma Wall
Clinical Training Fellow
Infection & Immunitye.wall@ucl.ac.uk