UCL Research Domains


Biotechnology & Synthetic Biology

The exploitation of microbes or microbial processes for applied purposes. The design, construction, and re-design of microbiological parts or systems.

Frank Baganz
Associate Professor
Biochemical Engineeringf.baganz@ucl.ac.uk
Chris Barnes
Professor of Systems and Synthetic Biology
Cell & Developmental Biologychristopher.barnes@ucl.ac.uk  
Giuseppe Battaglia
Professor and Chair of Molecular Bionics
Daniel Bracewell
Professor of Bioprocess Analysis
Biochemical Engineering d.bracewell@ucl.ac.uk
Robert Bud
Honorary Senior Research Associate
Science & Technology Studiesr.bud@ucl.ac.uk
Mohan Edirisinghe
Bonfield Chair of Biomaterials
Mechanical Engineeringm.edirisinghe@ucl.ac.uk
Stefanie Frank
Associate Professor/Lecturer in Synthetic Biology
Biochemical Engineeringstefanie.frank@ucl.ac.uk
Stefan Guldin
Associate Professor
Chemical Engineerings.guldin@ucl.ac.uk
Helen Hailes
Professor of Chemical Biology
Brian Ho
Lecturer of Bacteriology
Structural & Molecular Biologyb.ho@ucl.ac.uk
Bart Hoogenboom
Professor of Biophysics
Physics & Astronomyb.hoogenboom@ucl.ac.uk
Marco Marques
Senior Teaching Fellow
Biochemical Engineeringmarco.marques@ucl.ac.uk
Rachel McKendry
Professor of Biomedicine and Nanotechnology
London Centre for Nanotechnologyr.a.mckendry@ucl.ac.uk
Maxim Molodtsov
Senior Research Fellow
Physics & Astronomym.molodtsov@ucl.ac.uk
Darren Nesbeth
Associate Professor
Biochemical Engineeringd.nesbeth@ucl.ac.uk
Thanh TK Nguyen
Professor of Nanomaterials
Physics & Astronomyntk.thanh@ucl.ac.uk
Christine Orengo
Professor of Bioinformatics
Structural & Molecular Biologyc.orengo@ucl.ac.uk
Brenda Parker
Associate Professor
Biochemical Engineeringbrenda.parker@ucl.ac.uk
Saul Purton
Professor of Algal Biotechnology
Structural & Molecular Biologys.purton@ucl.ac.uk
Peter Rich
Professor of Bioenergetics
Structural & Molecular Biologyprr@ucl.ac.uk
Michael Sulu
Research Associate and Facilities Manager
Biochemical Engineeringm.sulu@ucl.ac.uk
Geraint Thomas
Professor of Biochemistry
Cell & Developmental Biologyg.thomas@ucl.ac.uk