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EoI: What's your Big Idea for UCL's Digital Research Infrastructure

What would transform research in your discipline?

Opportunity to submit an expression of interest to co-create future services or platforms which could become part of UCL’s digital research infrastructure.

Digital research infrastructure includes the computers, data, software, tools, techniques, and skills that enables research and innovation.  Our vision is to create a world-class ecosystem which optimally supports the breadth of UCL's academic disciplines and prior experience of using digital research infrastructure.

This call provides a route for researchers and research technology professionals to highlight your current or anticipated unmet needs and/or to identify new technologies that would create novel opportunities for research and scholarship.   This call is open to all UCL disciplines, departments, and faculties. We would like to encourage submissions if you have limited experience of using data, digital and computational approaches in your research (or of using UCL’s current platforms).

This is your opportunity to suggest digital research infrastructure that has the potential to support the research communities across multiple departments and facultiesHowever, it is not necessary to identify other users at this stage.

There is no funding directly allocated to this call. However, selected expressions of interest will be co-developed into proposals with members of ARC which could be funded via the UCL’s investment in Digital Research. Details of UCL’s investment in Digital Research Domain and governance is below.

We are looking for expressions of interest that:

  • Articulate a current or anticipated unmet need that could be addressed by digital research infrastructure.  You do not need to identify the technical solution.
  • Identify new technologies that would create novel opportunities for research and scholarship.
  • Identify technologies that have the potential to be incorporated into UCL's digital research infrastructure services in the future and to complement existing research computing, research data or research software services.


  • Applicants must be available to co-create proposals with ARC staff which will be considered in future Digital Research planning rounds. 
  • The digital infrastructure proposed must have the potential to have a wide impact and use beyond a single project. It is not necessary to identify other potential users at this stage.

Projects with the following characteristics are not eligible are applications or services that:  

  • Only contribute to a specific research project or programme and where there is limited potential for broader applications or limited user community 
  • The resource does not have the potential to be used by multiple users across UCL
  • Incremental developments of existing ARC infrastructure
  • Equipment or facilities that are not related to research computing, research data or research software. This is not a general equipment or facilities call.

Applications are welcome from researchers and research technology professionals (e.g. RSE, Research Computing Specialists (ResOp, DevOp),  Research Data Manager/Steward)  all UCL departments,

Send your completed application to Louise Chisholm (l.chisholm@ucl.ac.uk), with ‘Big Idea UCL-DRI’ in the subject line. Please entitle your pdf file ‘[your surname]_UCLDRI’.  Submission Form: 

Deadline:  11 March 2021 (noon)

Find out more in our webinar: 7 February 12:00 - 13:00 Register online

Digital Resaerch Infrastructure at UCL

About the UCL Centre for Advanced Research Computing 

UCL Centre for Advanced Research Computing (ARC) launched in August 2021. It will be a globally leading provider of the tools, platforms, and skills that enable computational science, computational social science, and digital scholarship in UCL and beyond. UCL ARC will develop ambitious research and teaching portfolios in the methods and practices of compute- and data-intensive research. 

Current plaforms and services

About the UCL eResearch Domain 

The UCL eResearch Domain supports and advocates for the broad community across UCL who perform theoretical and applied research using computational and data sciences or digital technologies. This includes academic disciplines which do not traditionally use digital approaches; those using digital technologies such as apps, wearables, Internet of Things; as well as advanced users who develop algorithms and cutting-edge technologies. 

About UCL’s Digital Research Domain Infrastructure investment and planning cycle. 

The Digital Strategy Committee is the senior group that directs digital, information technology and cyber security investment at UCL.  This includes investments related to Digital Research (internal Confluence and Sharepoint sites) This internal funding is to enable UCL to realise its vision is to create a world-class ecosystem which optimally supports the breadth of UCL's academic disciplines and prior experience of using digital infrastructure. 

The Digital Research Group (DRG), a subcommittee of the UCL Digital Strategy Committee, is chaired by Prof. Geraint Rees. The DRG is the decision making body for the Digital Research investment domain. The UCL eResearch Domain Advisory Committee advises on the priority of the proposed investments.