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Dive into Data 2019

Dive into Data 2019

The primary purpose of the challenge was to promote data sharing and re-use, but also help early career scientists to further develop their analytical skills, increase visibility of their research, and have an opportunity to expand their network through participation in this symposium.  

This academic year, eResearch Domain invited early career researchers with interest in data and with data analysis skills to develop novel and innovative ways to analyse and/or visualise open data. The challenge brought together Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) who provided the data sets (Director Paul Longley) and UCL Grand Challenges to use the GC themes (Deputy Director James Paskins, Director Ian Scott). 

Participants were asked to create a clear, engaging three-page case study addressing one of the Grand Challenge Themes by re-using and visualising open or safeguarded data provided by CDRC, and had the chance of winning a prize of £500 vouchers.

The winning team was announced at eResearch Domain's annual symposium, and we are pleased to confirm the winners are Ellen Zeng and Binxia Xu, MSc students in Dept. of Information Studies. You can read their excellent case study titled "Are Culturally Diverse Boroughs More Spatially Connected?", which addressed a “Cultural Understanding” Grand Challenge with a “Growing up Multicultural” theme and used CRDC 2017 Ordnance Survey Greater London Geodata.

Full information about the challenge

Please download the guidelines of the challenge here. Deadline for expression of interest was 18 January 2019. 

If you have any questions about the challenge, please contact Dr Valerie Karaluka

*Please note, you will need to gain ethical approval for the use of safeguarded data from CDRC. Please submit your initial proposal to Sarah Sheppard (CDRC) either by e-mail (s.sheppard@ucl.ac.uk) or at https://www.cdrc.ac.uk/data-services/using-our-data/ clearly stating that access is for the UCL Data Challenge. It may take up to 3 weeks to get approval, so make sure you do this as soon as you can to have plenty of time for data analysis before final submission deadline in May.

Deadline for submission of the case study is 12 pm 8 May 2019. Please send it to ovpr.beams@ucl.ac.uk  The review panel, made up of eResearch Domain, CDRC and UCL Grand Challenges representatives, will take place w/c 13 May.  The finalists will be notified shortly after and will be at chance to present their results at eResearch Domain's Conference on 20 June 2019! Do register to attend on Eventbrite. Every participant successful at the panel will be able to present their work in a poster session during the conference. The final price (£500 in vouchers) will be announced at a conference.