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Dive into Data 2019

Dive into Data 2019

The aims of the data challenge are to develop novel and innovative ways to analyse and/or visualise Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC) open or safeguarded data* (https://data.cdrc.ac.uk) and to gain new insights into one (or more) of the UCL Grand Challenge priority themes below through data re-use. 

Your data analysis and/or visualisation should be a clear, accessible, and engaging three-page case study that re-uses CDRC data to address one or more of the priority themes in a novel way. The results should benefit UCL Grand Challenge into gaining new insights, CDRC and your own research interests. 

Data sets provided by CDRC cover a wide range of topics and therefore we invite UCL academics, researchers and master’s students with interest in data from ALL disciplines to participate. Entrants will have the chance of winning a prize up to £500 in vouchers.

*Please note, you will need to gain ethical approval for the use of safeguarded data from CDRC. Please submit your initial proposal to Sarah Sheppard (CDRC) either by e-mail (s.sheppard@ucl.ac.uk) or at https://www.cdrc.ac.uk/data-services/using-our-data/ clearly stating that access is for the UCL Data Challenge. It may take up to 3 weeks to get approval, so make sure you do this as soon as you can to have plenty of time for data analysis before final submission deadline in May.