UCL Research Domains


Developing technical skills, good practice & careers

Research software development and research data skills could provide you with new avenues for research collaborations, grant funding and to create impact.

The eResearch Domain supports the development of technical skills, good practice & career pathways, whatever your academic discipline or level of experience, by:

  • Supporting and championing communities which provide opportunities for skill development, good practice, find collaborators and to learn about new technologies

  • Providing opportunities to develop your skills or share good practice

Person programming
Develop Better Research Software 

Join one of our coding friendly communities! All abilities are welcome! Software is fundamental to many research projects - from data collection to anaysis. Improve your coding practices, which can also improve the reproducibility and reusability of your research.

a mobile phone with a digital castle coming out of the screen
Maximise the value of your research data

Developing data managment, stewardship, curation, governance and analytical skills can maximise the research insights, and create opportunties for interdiciplinary research and impact from your data.  

computer server
Harness Computing Platforms

Go beyond the desktop - get to grips with powerful compute facilities for your high-performance, data intensive computing and machine learning needs.


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