UCL Research Domains


Call for eResearch community-based initiatives

This call is now open!! Apply by 7th December 2021

This aim of this call is to support community-based initiatives which either contribute to the development of software and/or research data skills or good practice, and/or foster interdisciplinary research through the reuse of tools and resources (e.g. algorithms, data and software).   The aim is also to provide PhD students, research and professional service staff opportunities to develop their leadership and advocacy skills. 

The eResearch Domain is offering up to £500 per initiative. Applicants can be based in any academic discipline or department and it is open to PhD students, research staff and relevant professional service staff. An overview of the initiatives that were funded during 2020/21 academic year is available on the eResearch Domain website.

Proposals must align with at least one of the funding objectives: 

  1. Developing research software and/or data skills and good practice 
  2. Fostering interdisciplinary research through the reuse of tools and resources (e.g. algorithms, data and software). 

Examples of potential activities include (but are not limited to):  

  • Workshops or challenges to increase programming skills  
  • Seminars and events to increase knowledge of data management, stewardship, curation, or develop metadata skills 
  • Focus on improving research integrity and transparency, data ethics, responsible innovation, open science, FAIR data, FAIR Software, Open Science.
  • Projects to identify and/or increase awareness of existing software and/or data resources that could be used to initiate interdisciplinary research 
  • Activities to identify and/or address the interests of potential users from different academic disciplines who could reuse data resource or software 
  • Collaborative initiatives to establish or strengthen collaborations involving research data from different disciplines within UCL, or with external data providers/platforms. 
  • Analyses of successful models of data governance to enable data sharing 
  • Activities to explore the application of existing algorithms to address research questions in new disciplines 


  • Proposals should provide opportunities for the UCL eResearch Domain community, that is, those who perform theoretical and applied research using computational and data sciences or digital technologies across all faculties. Proposals should demonstrate collaboration across at least two UCL departments/institutes. 
  • This scheme is open to all PhD students, postdocs and academics, in any UCL faculty, as well as relevant professional service staff such as Research Software Engineers (RSE), ResOps/DevOps, data specialists/stewards, Research Technical Professionals. However, one PI on the application must be a researcher. 
  • The maximum budget for each proposal is £500. All funding must be spent by the end of July 2022.
  • Linkages to external partners, policy makers, external consortiums, data platforms or compute facilities, and industry are welcomed. However, one PI on the application must be based at UCL. 
  • Organisers must comply with the appropriate COVID19 guidance from UCL and the government for face-to-face events.
  • Successfully funded initiatives must write at least one blog post about what their activity.
  • We unfortunately cannot support undergraduate or masters teaching activities. 

 Examples of eligible costs include (but are not limited to):         

  • Non-staff costs to support small research projects or scoping for larger projects (e.g. cloud computing credits) 
  • Prizes 
  • Speaker fees 
  • Online tools, software or training   
  • Relevant online games   
  • Purchasing books for participants of a relevant book clubs 
  • Costs to develop dissemination material (graphics, websites, videos) 
  • Carer awards to enable researchers to attend an activity 
  • Catering

 Timescales and how to apply 

The call for proposals opens 5th November 2021; applicants must complete the designated proposal form (see below) and return this to Dr Louise Chisholm (eresearch@ucl.ac.uk ) no later than 7th December 2021 (10:00,). (Deadline extended)

Any queries please contact Louise at eresearch@ucl.ac.uk