UCL Research Domains



6 June 2024 (6pm to 7.30pm)
2024 Annual Lecture

How Can Sociology Engage with the Major Challenges of our Time?
As wars rage and the climate crisis looms, what can sociology offer?   Further details

20 March 2024 (2pm to 4.30pm)
Artificial Intelligence in qualitative sociological research: strategies, tactics and ethics

This workshop discusses the rise of AI in qualitative research, focusing in particular on data preparation and analysis tools.   Further details

12 March 2024 (6.15pm-7.30pm)
SAVING OURSELVES: From Climate Shocks to Climate Action

We are running out of time. 2023 was one of the most volatile climate years in history, and the mealy outcomes of COP28 make it clear that incremental politics aren't going to save us.  Further details