UCL Research Domains


2024-25 Pilot Projects

  • Our two 2023-24 pilot projects are supporting six cross-disciplinary collaborations across UCL
  • This call was supported by generous funding from the UCL Faculties of IOE and Social & Historical Sciences

Exploring Social Learning in Mirroring Digital Environments for Supporting Young Children’s Mental Health
Digital learning + child psychoanalysis + affective interaction and computing
Children and young people’s mental health is of considerable societal concern, the focus of recent funding initiatives, and is one of UCL’s Mental Health Research Strategy priority areas. Concerns around prevention having escalated since the pandemic (estimated 1.5 million children/young people in England need new/additional mental health support), with children experiencing extensive loss of normal social interactions. Through development and evaluation of this novel digital interactive space (“Digital Others’), this project has significant social relevance for fostering the development of agency, competence and relatedness across different stages of childhood development.  Further details

Improving responses to domestic abuse in England: is there a role for friends, relatives, neighbours in a whole systems approach?
Social policy + operational research + policing

In the field of domestic abuse, existing research about informal networks (friends, relatives, and/ or neighbours of victims or perpetrators of abuse) is a small but growing area. Primarily from social science, this literature offers insights that could enhance decision-making and statutory responses to domestic abuse. Such knowledge, however, has not (yet) been explored or harnessed for policy and practice. This project mobilises and builds on the existing knowledge base to address a research question orientated towards practice:  what is the existing and potential role of informal supporters in the current system of responses to domestic abuse in England?  Further details