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Digital Touch Emoticons: Development, Effectiveness and Usability

A 2017-18 Social Science Plus Pilot Project (£11,500)

Digital Touch Emoticons brought together experts on touch from social science, neuroscience and computer science with the aim to understand how affective touch can be digitally-mediated to enhance social communication and positive social feedback. The project used methods from these three disciplines to generate a prototype design and explored how a device for digital touch communication could be best commercialized in the near future.

Project Team
Social Science Principal Investigator

Professor Carey Jewitt Professor Technology and Learning, Culture Communication and Media Department/ UCL Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education, UCL

Non-Social Science Co-Investigator
Dr. Aikaterini Fotopoulou Reader in Affective Neuroscience, Research Department of Clinical, Health and Educational Psychology, Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, Brain Sciences, SLMS, UCL

Additional Co-Investigators
Professor Nadia Berthouze Professor in Affective Computing and Interaction, UCL Interaction Centre, connected to both the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences and Computer Science, Brain Sciences, SLMS, UCL

Professor Sara Price, Professor of Digital Learning, UCL Knowledge Lab, Department of Culture, Communication and Media, Institute of Education, UCL