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UCL Computational Cancer Collaboratorium Seminar Series

The UCL Computational Cancer Collaboratorium seminar series reflects its cross-disciplinary interest, bringing together leading speakers from across cancer and computational science

Latest Talk

Professor Karen Page

Mathematical models of CAR T cell therapies for cancer and evolution of cooperation in epithelia

Professor Karen Page is Professor of Mathematical Biology in the UCL Department of Mathematics

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Dr Maria Secrier

Epithelial-to-mesenchymal plasticity at scale: insights from single cells and spatially profiled cancer tissues

Marier Secrier is Associate Professor in Computational Cancer Biology, Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment, UCL

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Dr Sarah Teichmann

Multi-modal mapping of microenvironments: one cell at a time

Sarah Teichmann, FMedSci FRS is a Senior Group Leader at the Wellcome Sanger Institute where she was also Head of Cellular Genetics (2016 - 2024).

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Professor Trevor Graham

Fluctuating DNA methylation for lineage tracing in healthy human tissues and Cancer

Trevor Graham, FMedSci is the Director of the Centre for Evolution and Cancer, Institute of Cancer Research, London

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Previous Talks

Professor Florian Markowetz

17 Deadly CINs: A Pan-Cancer Compendium of Choromosal Instability 

Florian Markowetz is Professor of Computational Oncology at the University of Cambridge and Senior Group Leader at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute.

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Professor Javier Herrero

Integrating copy umber aberrations in tumor phylogenetic analyses

Javier Herrero is the former Head of the Bill Lyons Informatics Centre at the UCL Cancer Institute. Prior to joining the UCL Cancer Institute, Dr Herrero was based at the European Bioinformatics Institute as coordinator of the Ensembl project and leading the Ensembl Comparative Genomics team.

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