Research Services


RCUK Shared Parental Leave

The Research Councils have replaced Additional Paternity Leave with Shared Parental Leave (SPL).

From 1 April 2015 where a Postgraduate Research Student is funded by the Research Councils the student will be able to use the UCL Employee Shared Parental Leave scheme as if they were an employee.

The UCL Shared Parental Leave policy and FAQs can be found on the Human Resources web pages.

A RCUK funded PGR student does NOT have to meet the qualifying period stated in the HR advice.

The completed forms for PGR students should be sent to Research Services Studentship team via email through the department administrative staff following agreement by their Supervisor and/or Graduate Tutor.



This must be approved prior to the leave commencing giving the minimum notice period of 8 weeks (see FAQs).

Students funded by any other funder must gain the written approval from them prior to requesting shared parental leave.

Students do not receive the UCL Occupational pay supplement.

Students who are self-funded have no entitlement to shared parental leave.